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IEC 60884-1 Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes – Part 1: General requirements


IEC 60884-1:2022 applies to plugs and fixed or portable socket-outlets for AC only, with or without earthing contact, with a rated voltage greater than 50 V but not exceeding 440 V and a rated current not exceeding 32 A, intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors.

Compatible plugs and socket-outlets, when combined, form a plug and socket-outlet system. Standardized systems used around the world are reported in IEC/TR 60083. The rated current is limited to 16 A maximum for accessories provided with screwless-type terminals.

IEC 60884-1 Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes – Part 1: General requirements.pdf-download

LISUN supplies the fully test solutions for the following IEC 60884-1:2022, please see the below excel table:

IEC 60884-1:2022 Clause and Subject LISUN Model
Clause 10.1.1 test probe 12 SMT-1212
Clause10.2 Accessibility of live parts during normal use SMT-02T10SMT-1175 
Clause 10.3.1 (Figure 2a – Apparatus for Mechanical strength test on resilient covers) GNGPL-3602
Clause10.5 Shuttered socket-outlets SMT-CZ12 
Clause 11.5 Internal connection with the earthing terminal LSP-5KVAS 
Clause 12.3.11 Contact Pressure Drop Test Device JCY-1
Clause 12.3.12 Figure 14 IEC 60884.1 IEC 60669-1 Clause 12.3.12 Screwless Terminals Bending Test Device JCY-2
Clause 13.14 Lateral strain imposed by equipment(Figure 16) BCL-1
Clause 13.2 (Figure 4a)BS1363 of British Standard Plugs Socket Outlets Gauges GNGPL-3604
Clause 13.6.1 Apparatus for testing plug cover fixing screws(Figure 6) GNGPL-3606
Clause 13.6.1 Test pin (Figure 1) SMT-BS01
Clause Apparatus for tests on plug pins (Figure 32a) GNGPL-3632
Clause Apparatus for torsion test on pins (Figure 33) GNGPL-3633
Clause 13.11.1 Mounting plate (Figure 7) GNGPL-3607
Clause 13.12 Plug pin deflection test apparatus for resilient plugs (Figure 8) GNGPL-3608
Clause 13.17.3 Apparatus for abrasion test on insulating sleeves of plug pins (Figure 9) LS-B10
Clause 13.17.4 Apparatus for pressure test at high temperature (Figure 10) GNGPL-3610
Clause 14.2 Mechanical strength of pins of portable accessories(Figure 17) LS-B04
Clause 14.22.2 Plug Torque Tester LSPTT-1 
Claue 15 Resistance to ageing and to humidity GDJS-010A
Clause 16.1.2 Insulation resistance WB2681A
Clause 16.2 Protection provided by enclosures(Figure 18) LS-B05
Clasue 17 Temperatur rise (Figure 17a/17b) GNGPL-3617
Clause 17.3 Electric strength test WB2673C 
Clause 19 Temperature rise WS-1
Clause 20 Breaking capacity(Figure 22) CZKS-3DFX-20
Clasue 20.1.2 Solid link for test on fuse clips (Figure 19) GNGPL-3619
Clause 22 (Figure 18 &19)IEC 60884-1 Clause 13.14 Figure 16 Device for Checking the Resistance to Lateral Strain | IEC 60884-1 Clause 20 Figure 18 and 19 Maximum and Minimum Pull-out Force BCL-1
Clause 23.1.2 Heating cabinet GW-225
Clasue 23.1.3 Apparatus for pressure test (Figure 23) GNGPL-3623
Clause 23.2 Cord anchorage(Figure 27) LS-B07
Clause 23.4 Protection of cable entrance in the accessories(Figure 28) SW-6 & DFX-20 
Clause 24.2 Impact test with pendulum hammer IK01-06P
Clause 24.3 Tumble barrel test LS-DDT1-B 
Clause 24.5Impact test at low temperature(Figure 30) DWC-2 
Clause 24.6 Compression test(Figure 6) LS-B08
Clause 24.7 Torque test for cable glands LWMF-1
Claues 24.8Abrasion test on insulating sleeves of plug pins(Figure 31) LS-B10
Clause 24.10 Test for multiple portable socket-outlets(Figure 32) LS-B11
Clause 24.11 Retention test for pins(Figure 33) LS-B12
Clause 24.12 Mechanical test for means for suspension of portable socket-outlets SMT-2126
Clause 24.13-15 Tests on covers, cover-plates or parts of them(Figure 34) LS-B14
Clause 24.16 Verification of the outline of covers fixed without screws on a mounting surface or supporting surface(Figure 35) GNGPL-23507
Clause 24.17 Verification of grooves, holes and reverse tapers(Figure 38) SMT-1203
Clause 25.3 Ball-pressure test at 125°℃(Figure 40) ZBP-T/GW-225 
Clause 25.5 Compression test(Figure 41) LS-TCT-1 
Clause 27 Creepage distances, clearances and distances through sealing compound(Table 26) CK-1
Clause 28.1.2 Glow-wire test ZRS-3H 
Clause 28.1.3 Test for pins with insulating sleeves(Figure 43) LS-B17
Clause 28.2 Resistance to tracking TTC-1 
Clause 29 Resistance to rusting YWX/Q-010 


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