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Product No: CD-200/CD-300/CD-310/CD-320

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  • Description
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  • Basic Introduction
    Colorimeter is widely used in different industries such as plastic cement, printing, paint, weaving and dyeing. It measures the sample color data L*a*b*, L*c*h*, color difference ΔE and Δ Lab according to CIE color space.

    Instrument Introduction
    • National measurement certification
    Device sensor exports Japan and information processing chip is from USA, which guarantee the optical signal transfer accuracy and electrical signal stability.

    • Multiple color space display color values: L*a*b、L*c*h、Yxy
    Being the most commonly used testing device, our colorimeter with built-in color display indicators transformation program, which makes our device could be used for color testing in many different industries. And it do not need convert the measurement data by manual so it greatly improve the work efficiency.

    • Ergonomic Design
    Instrument girth radian designs according to human palm so we could test data for a long time with it. Superior leather design increases the friction in case of fingers sliding.

    • Free Color Management Software
    Real-time display of qualified or not, generate testing report, save the color data, suitable for the enterprise to evaluate color and control the color data.

    • Establish the Prototype Data L*a*b* by manually
    The standard samples can be manually set to meet the color difference test if there is no sample in hand.

    • Mass data storage
    The device could store 10 standard sample groups and every sample group could store 100 sample data.

    Technical Data

    Type CD-200 CD-300 CD-310 CD-320
    Illumination system 8/d (8°/diffused illumination) 8/d, SCE
    display mode Chroma value: L*a*b, L*c*h, Yxy, ΔE*ab, XYZ, Relative RGB value. Chromatism value: Δ (L*a*b*); Δ (L*c*h*); Chroma value: L*a*b, L*c*h, Yxy, ΔE*ab, XYZ, Relative RGB value. Chromatism value: Δ (L*a*b*); Δ (L*c*h*);
    Degree of Whiteness: Hunter whiteness, Gantz whitness
    Degree of Yellowness: YI
    Testing Port Diameter About 8mm
    Measuring conditions CIE 10° standard observer; CIE D65 light source
    Measuring range L*: 1-100
    Repeatability Standard deviation within △E*ab*, below 0.1 (testing condition: measure the white calibration board for average) Standard deviation within △E*ab*, below 0.08 (testing condition: measure the white calibration board 80 times for average)
    Storage 10 sets of standard samples; up to 100 under each standard sample 100 sets of standard samples; up to 100 under each standard sample
    Measuring time About 0.5 seconds
    Measuring light source LED
    languages Chinese, English
    Power Four AC1.5V Alkaline battery or nickel-metal hydride batteries; Exclusive DC5V adapter
    Port USB2.0 printer
    Weight 550g
    Size 77×86×210mm
  • CD Series Colorimeter Brochure