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RF Conducted Immunity Test System

Product No: RFCI61000-6

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  • RFCI61000-6 RF Conducted Immunity Test System is for the conduction sensitivity testing. It is fully meets the IEC61000-4-6, ISO11452-4, GB/T17626.6-2008, GTB152B-CS114, etc standards. RFCI61000-6 internal source and broadband power amplifier can generate 3 voltage test levels: 1v, 3v and 10v, and it has the function of the real detect output level. It has two operation softwares which are calibration software and testing software. During measurement, the 1kHz sine wave amplitude modulation system (80%) is used to simulate the actual harassment, and it can through the coupling/decoupling network (CDN or electromagnetic clamp)  for the equipent under test. 

    System Configuration: 
    • Main Instrument: Programmable signal source and 85w linear power amplifier 
    • Attenuator: 50W/6dB (50Ω)
    • Coupling/decoupling network: CDN (RFCI61000-6CDN) or EM (RFCI61000-6EM)
    • Cable Jumper: One meter N-N (50Ω) and one USB

    1. Power Amplifier
    • Frequency input range: 150kHz~300MHz
    • 1dB compression point rated power: 80W
    • Gain: 50±1dB; Harmonic: <15dBc; Harmonic distortion: <-10dBc

    2. Signal source
    • Frequency range: 1kHz~400MHz; Resolution: 1kHz
    • Output level: -46dBm~+30dBm; resolution: 0.1dBm
    • Unmodulated signal: continuous wave
    • Modulation mode: amplitude modulation; modulation frequency: 1Hz~10kHz (resolution: 1Hz); modulation depth: 1~99% adjustable
    • Pulse modulation frequency: 1Hz~1kHz adjustable (resolution: 1Hz)
    • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): 1:1.2
    • Connector: N type

    3. Power Meter
    • Frequency range: 1kHz~400MHz
    • Linear measurement range: -48dBm~+30dBm (accuracy: ±0.5dB)
    • Connector: N type

    4. Directional coupler
    • Coupling degree: 80dB
    • Maximum input power: 150W
    • Frequency range: 10kHz~400MHz

    1. The host can test the corresponding specifications of the power cord with the CDN coupling and decoupling network of the following models of LISUN:

    CDN for RF Conducted Immunity Test

    LISUN Model Power cord port Max. working voltage Max. working current
    CDN-PS23 Single-phase 2-wire and single-phase 3-wire AC:0~260V   DC:0~200V 20A~200A Adjustable
    CDN-PT33 Three-phase three-wire AC:0~440V   DC:0~200V 32A~200A Adjustable
    CDN-PT34 Three-phase four-wire AC:0~440V   DC:0~200V 32A~200A Adjustable
    CDN-PT35 Three-phase five-wire AC:0~440V   DC:0~200V 32A~200A Adjustable

    2. The host can test any signal line with LISUN AB-100W current injection clamp:

    Current Injection Clamp for RF Conducted Immunity Test

    • Support any specification signal line test: unshielded balanced line (T2, T4, T8), unshielded unbalanced line (AF2, AF4, AF8), shielded cable (S1, S1/75, S2, S4, S9, S25), Communication signal line (RJ11, RJ11S, RJ45, RJ45S, USB-C, USB-P) and other signal lines of any specifications
    • Support maximum wire diameter: 40mm
    • Maximum output power: 100W
    • Frequency range: 100KHz~300MHz
    • Insertion loss: <7dB
    • Standard current clamp calibration parts

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  • EN61000-4-6 2014 Standard Free Download