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SASO 2927 Energy Efficiency Functionality and Labeling Requirements for Lighting Products – Part III: Street Lighting


On January 29, 2019, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) organized a workshop in Riyadh to announce the enforcement plan for the new standard SASO 2927, which pertains to the energy efficiency, functionality, and labeling requirements for lighting products – Part III: Street Lighting.

Enforcement Date and Testing Approval
SASO has set the enforcement date for compliance with SASO standard 2927 for street lighting (Part III) to be September 1, 2020. UL Lighting laboratories have received approval from SASO to conduct performance testing in accordance with this new standard.
Scope of the New Standard
The new standard outlines requirements for street and road lighting applications, including:
• Classification of street/road lighting: Three types of lighting classifications (M, C, and P).
• Tunnel lighting: Specifications for both daylight and nighttime tunnel lighting.

Applicable Technologies
SASO standard 2927 for lighting products includes three types of technologies:
1. High-Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID)
2. Control Gears
3. Integrated LED Luminaires
The main new technical requirements added to SASO standard 2927 Part III are detailed in the accompanying table.

Electronic Platform and Product Registration
Since April 2020, SASO has developed an electronic platform for energy efficiency, enabling the registration of street lighting products within the scope of SASO 2927:2019 Part III. In this context, SASO has announced the following updates:
1. Product Upgrades: Products already registered under SASO 2902:2018 that fall within the scope of SASO 2927:2019 can be upgraded online and transferred under SASO 2927:2019 without any additional fees after meeting the new requirements. The certificate will remain valid for the same period as the previous license.
2. Non-Acceptance of Misaligned Registrations: SASO will not accept the registration or renewal of products within the scope of the lighting standard Part III: Street Lighting (SASO 2927) on the electronic platform for the Lighting Standard Part II (SASO 2902).
3. Expiration of Existing Licenses: All EE licenses for street lighting products registered under SASO 2902:2018 Part II will expire on August 31, 2020.

SASO 2927 Energy Efficiency Functionality and Labeling Requirements for Lighting Products – Part III: Street Lighting

LISUN following instruments fully meet SASO 2927 Energy Efficiency, Functionality, and Labeling Requirements for General Light Sources:

SASO 2927:2019 Subject and Clause LISUN Model
3.2 Average Luminance  LPCE-2(LMS-9000)
3.2 Ballast WT5000
3.2 Beam angle, Luminance intensity LSG-6000
3.2 Chromaticity, CRI, CCT, Ra LMS-6000
3.2 Lamp life time SY2036
3.2 Lmap start time LSRF-3
3.2 Power factor LS2050B
4.1 requirement for motorized traffic(Table 2 & Table 3)) LSG-1950
4.3.1 Control of Glare LSG-1950
Annex Lumen maintenance (for LED lamps only LEDLM-84PL

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