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AC/DC Hipot Tester

Product No: HIPOT10-100KV

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  • Description
  • HIPOT series of power frequency withstand voltage test device is used for capacitor withstand voltage test. Its working principle is: adjust the output voltage of the auto-voltage regulator to realize the adjustment of the working voltage within the rated voltage range of the high-voltage test transformer. At the same time, the operation box (set) is equipped with a high-voltage output voltmeter, a low-voltage input ammeter and an overcurrent protection circuit. Can easily read the test voltage value, and can reliably protect the equipment. With simple principle, compact structure and reliable operation, it is an ideal equipment for pressure test.

    Technical Parameter:
    Main technical parameter table of HIPOT series power frequency withstand voltage test device below:

    LISUN Model Capacity Output Voltage(kV) Output Current(mA) Rated Input
    (kVA) AC DC AC DC Voltage(V) Current(A)
    HIPOT2-10KVAC 2 10 N/A 200 N/A 200 10
    HIPOT5-50KV 5 50 70 100 15 200 25
    HIPOT10-100KV 10 100 140 100 50 200 50
    HIPOT50-100KV 50 100 140 500 100 380 132
    HIPOT100-100KV 100 100 140 1000 100 380 250
    HIPOT50-150KV 50 150 210 333 100 380 132
    HIPOT100-150KV 100 150 210 667 100 380 263

    Note: There are 200V cascade taps in this series of products. Two or three cascade taps can be cascaded into AC 100kV, 150kV, 200kV, 300kV and DC 140kV, 210kV, 280kV, 420kV. According to user needs, 5-15kV medium voltage taps can be drawn from the high voltage windings for AC withstand voltage test of high voltage motors. And can customize the power frequency withstand voltage test device of special specifications.