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SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization

Due to the particularity of the Saudi market, every LISUN product has been designed an option to meet the SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization and 127V / 60Hz power supply. Since 2003, LISUN and SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization have cooperated closely through technical discussions and calibration transfer. In terms of lighting products, Saudi Arabia ’s latest standard SASO2902, LISUN released the full set of test instrument solutions at the first time, and released the interpretation and free download of this version standard: How to choose LISUN products for Saudi Arabia’s latest standard SASO2902?

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) is a technical government body in Saudi Arabia was established in 1972 and governs tasks related to standards, metrology and quality. SASO is administrated by a board of directors headed by the Minister of Commerce and Investment and membership of sectors interested in standardization in the Kingdom.

LISUN supplies the fully test solutions for the following SASO standards, please click the below link to get the details:

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