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LED Luminous Intensity Distribution Tester

Product No: LS860

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  • LS860 Luminous Intensity Distribution Measurement Meter is a precise electronic instrument for measuring LED luminous intensity. It’s strictly designed according to LED standard requirements of CIE 127-1997 A or B Condition.

    Forward voltage(VF), Reverse Current(IR), Luminous Intensity(IV), Intensity Angle(2θ1/2), Misalignment Angle(Δθ), Equivalent Luminous Flux(ΦV)

    • Automatic mapping the spatial distribution of light intensity curve (at right angles and polar coordinates)
    • Automatic determination of the beam angle: the common-angle and the intensity of 1/4 angle and intensity of 3/4 intensity angle
    • Testing Angel range: -90°~+90°, Accuracy of angel: ±0.2°
    • Spread Angle of light beam: θ(50%)θ(25%)θ(75%)
    • Intensity range: 0mcd~30,000cd, Accuracy: 0.5%. Radiated power range: 1uw/cm2~999.9kuw/cm2
    • Built-in adjustable DC constant current power supply, output current up to 800mA
    • Forward voltage (VF): 0.1V — 20.00V Forward current (IF): 0.1mA — 800.00mA
    • Reversed current (IR): 0.01µA — 200.0µA Reversed voltage (VR): 0.1V — 20.0V

  • LED Luminous Intensity Distribution Tester