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UL Water Spray Test Device

Product No: JL-UL

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  • The main function of the equipment is to test the physical and other related properties of electronic and electrical products, lamps, cabinets, electrical components and other products under simulated rainy weather conditions. After testing, the performance of the product can be judged by verification, so as to facilitate the design, improvement, verification and factory inspection of the product.

    UL Water Spray Test Device is designed according to UL60507-ENGL 1999 standard figure 38.1, figure 38.2, ANSI Z21.10.3-2004, Figure 10/Figure 11 clause of ANSI Z21.58 standard and CSA4.3-2004 standard. It also meets UL1598, UL153, UL154B, UL1703, UL8750, UL1741, UL514B, UL1278, UL1571 and other standards. 

    UL Water Spray Test’s nozzle is fully meet UL60507-ENGL 1999, UL484-34,  ANSI Z21.10.3-2004, ANSI Z21.58 , ANSL B94.11M and CSA4.3-2004. 

    • Suitable for UL rain test and 45 degree sprinkler test
    • The device consists of two parts: UL Water Spray Test Device (three UL nozzles on the top) and UL sprinkler test device (one UL nozzle on the bottom)
    • The frame part of the device is made of moulded aluminium material, which has stable structure and is easy to clean
    • The nozzle rack is movable and can be lifted freely by hand-operated stainless steel wheel device
    • The device adopts imported nozzles originally installed in UL laboratory and fully meets UL standards
    • The support base adopts universal brake casters, which are convenient to move and fix
    • Use the domestic brand “Red Flag” stainless steel pressure gauge to show the water pressure (each nozzle comes with corresponding pressure gauge).

    JL-UL_UL Water Spray Test Device

    UL Water Spray Test Device 2

    UL Water Spray Nozzle

    UL Water Spray Test Device 3

    UL Water Spray Nozzels

    Figure 103.1

    Figure 103.2

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