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UL 498 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Attachment Plugs and Receptacles

TERMINAL ASSEMELY, SEPARABLE – A twc-piece borminai assemby prorided with an integral mechanical lsiching mecherismis) I1 consisls of permarnenty ttache pirs ar 1eb lcated on the booyol the receptacke and is capable of retring a speclal purpose connector wth eads for cormedion the branch oircut

THROUGHWRING – A airing method ahich permits a group of receplackes 1o be wined in paralel 1o comon Eranch eraun.

UNIT CONTAINER – The sralesi caton, packigs. or contarer, in a hichrecepade is parknget A uInt mnntainer mry mntain mr than rrentnrh if they ar rrt itendert tn tm irmrwend from the containc fto indidusl sako.

LISUN following instruments fully meet UL 498 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Attachment Plugs and Receptacles:

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