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Goniophotometer for Automotive and Signal Lamps

Product No: LSG-1950

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  • LSG-1950 is a CIE A-α goiophotometer. The photometer head keeps static and it faces to the sample under test while the sample is rotating around both horizontal axis and vertical axis. So the luminous intensity and illuminance of the lamp or luminaires can be tested. It fully meets the Final Report PC13050202 Oregon, ECE-R65, FMVSS108, GB13954 and GB 25991 Standard.

    ECE-R65 “Special Warning Lights”
    FMVSS108 “Lamps, re-flective devices, and associated equipment. “
    IEC60662(GB13954 ) “High-pressure sodium vapour lamps”
    GB 25991 “Automotive headlamps with LED light sources and/or LED modules”

    • A axis rotating angle: -180~180° and α axis rotating angle: -180~180°
    • The accuracy of angle: 0.01°.  The resolution of angle: 0.001°
    • Luminosity testing range: illuminance 0.001lx~99,999lx; Light intensity 1.0cd~10^7cd (detector)
    • Accuracy of photometry: CIE Class A or Class L (option)
    • Testing accuracy: 2% (Under Standard lamp); Stray light: less than 0.1%
    • English version software can run on Win7, Win8 and Win10, Win11.

    LSG-1950 Test Size And Weight

    The LSG-1950 goniophotometer can work with LISUN PM400F Flashlight Photometer to fully meet following standards:
    • MH/T 6012-1999 – Aviation Obstruction Light
    • HB6490-1991 – General Specifications for Aircraft Navigation Light and Anti-collision Light
    • JTT 761—2022 – General Technical Conditions for Aids to Navigation Light
    • ECE R65 Uniform Provisions Concerning The Approval of Special Warning Lamps for Motor Vehicles
    • SAE J595 Directional Flashing Optical Warning Devices for Authorized Emergency, Maintenance, and Service Vehicles
    • SAE J845 Optical Warning Devices for Authorized Emergency, Maintenance, and Service Vehicles
    • JJF1330-2011 – Calibration Specification for Transient Effective Luminous Intensity Meter.

    PM400F Flashlight Photometer

    How to test Automotive LED Headlights?
    According to IEC, EN, ECE, SAE, FMVSS108 federal regulations and relevant test standards, automotive LED lights is required to test optical characteristics, including the spatial distribution and total flux of luminous intensity (cd), spectral characteristics, chromaticity coordinates, dominant wavelength, luminance (cd / m2), color temperature etc parameters. 

    To obtain these data, we mainly use goniophotometer to test. According to CIE and FMVSS108 standards, LISUN recommend LSG-1950/LSG-1950S CIE A-α Goniophotometer. It mainly for measuring transportation industry lighting, such as traffic lights, buses, trains, ships and aerospace equipment lamps. 

    What are optical test parameters and standards of Automobile Headlights?
    With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the improvement of driving speed, the automobile headlights are very important to ensure driving safety, the standards of automobile headlights occupies a very important position in automobile standards. At present, the standards applicable to automotive headlight products include ECE R112, SAE J1383, FMVSS108, GB 4599-2007, GB21259-2007, GB25991-2010, etc. These standards are applicable to automobile headlights with different light sources, but they also made uniform regulations for the entire lamp technical requirements, such as general requirements, color, luminous intensity distribution and test methods, and stability of luminous intensity distribution, etc. 

    Steve Gibbons
    Steve Gibbons
    Steve Gibbons

    We have the LSG-1800BCCD gonio photometer. LISUN is professional and the photometer is nice. LISUN engineer came and installed for us. Now everything is functional. We are glad to cooperate with LISUN.

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  • Goniophotometer for Automotive and Signal Lamps - Introduction Video

  • LSG-1950 Automotive and Signal Lamps Goniophotometer Brochure ECE-R65 2005 Standard Free Download Final Report PC13050202 Oregon 2012 A Standard Free Download FMVSS108 Standard Free Download GB13954-2004 Standard Free Download GB13954-2009 Standard Free Download GB 25991-2010 Standard Free Download