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Goniophotometer for Automotive and Signal Lamps

Product No: LSG-1950

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  • LSG-1950 is a CIE A-α goiophotometer. The photometer head keeps static and it faces to the sample under test while the sample is rotating around both horizontal axis and vertical axis. So the luminous intensity and illuminance of the lamp or luminaires can be tested.

    • A axis rotating angle: -180~180° and α axis rotating angle: -180~180°
    • The accuracy of angle: 0.01°.  The resolution of angle: 0.001°
    • Luminosity testing range: illuminance 0.001lx~99,999lx; Light intensity 1.0cd~107cd (detector)
    • Accuracy of photometry: CIE Class A or Class L (option)
    • Testing accuracy: 2% (Under Standard lamp); Stray light: less than 0.1%
    • Max weight of the sample: 35kg
    • English version software can run on WinXP, Win7, Win8 or Win10.

  • Goniophotometer for Automotive and Signal Lamps

  • LSG-1950 Automotive and Signal Lamps Goniophotometer Brochure ECE-R65 2005 Standard Free Download Final Report PC13050202 Oregon 2012 A Standard Free Download FMVSS108 Standard Free Download GB13954-2004 Standard Free Download GB13954-2009 Standard Free Download