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Goniophotometer for Traffic Signal Lamps

Product No: LSG-1950S

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  • LSG-1950S is a high automatic test system for luminous intensity distribution of luminaires and can be applied to quality evaluation and quality control for signal luminaires, luminaires for cars, motors, vessels and Retro-reflectors. LSG-1950S system is a goniophotometer which can measure all kinds of lamps and luminaires.

    • Rotations of test samples around both vertical axis (-90°~+90°) and horizontal axis (-35°~+35°)
    • Accuracy of angle: 0.1°
    • Resolution of angle: 0.01°
    • Photometer detector: CIE class A (standard class) accuracy
    • All software control, high intellectual faculties and simple operation

    By selecting different test scheme, replace testing different types of lamps rapidly.

  • LSG-1950S Goniophotometer for Traffic Signal Lamps Brochure