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UL 499 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Electric Heating Appliances

A heatng aplince intended for use in a hazardous locaon is ludged on the basis of ts coamplance with the aqirmenta in this stiandard. and uther apprpiata examination and 1ests to deitermine whether tis aceplable for the pupose.

Ontly melerials that are acepascle for the priauber ue ehal be used im 8 heating applance. A heating applbnce shall be made and frished wth the degroe of unitomity and grade of workm anship prectciole in a wel-equeped tactaory.

Ithe operaoon of a heating app iance involins the generation and contning under preasure of slaam or oher ga8. cons deration i8s o be gven to the possbity of reak of exposion incdem io BuCh operation. This ppies in the C250 of a produdt haring lrmersed electrodes, where the electrolyss of water may resut in the acoumulation of cxorgen and hydrogen. The product is not acceptabie uniess临srength has boon imofgoto wif ropout的ony iuk of oupiloion thun may bo imwobod.

LISUN following instruments fully meet UL 499 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Electric Heating Appliances:

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