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Programmable AC/DC Testing Power Supply System

Product No: LSP-EMC500VA

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  • Description
  • The LSP-EMC500VA Programmable AC/DC Testing Power Supply System adopts advanced SPWM technology, DSP digital processing technology, and high-power switch power supply technology, achieving leading domestic and international advanced levels in the field of AC power supply. This series of power supplies are suitable for general commercial products, the power electronics industry, the aviation electronics field, military applications, and regulatory testing. They can be used for testing from the laboratory bench to large-scale production units.

    The LSP-EMC500VA Programmable AC/DC Testing Power Supply System supply with excellent power output quality. It can provide precise power inputs for AC loads, DC loads, and rectifier loads by offering AC, DC, and AC+DC power output options.  It is capable of simulating various power disturbances such as voltage surges, voltage sags, short circuits, and voltage fluctuations. Additionally, it can generate waveforms with harmonic or interharmonic components to simulate distorted power waveforms.

    In terms of measurement, the LSP-EMC500VA test power supply utilizes state-of-the-art digital signal processing (DSP) technology to provide accurate and fast measurement of power parameters and harmonics. These measurements include root mean square voltage (Vrms), root mean square current (Irms), true power (Ture Power), frequency (Hz), power factor (PF), current crest factor (CF), and measurement of 40th order current harmonic components.

    The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply utilizes pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, enabling it to provide a capability of delivering 6 times the peak current, making it the ideal testing instrument for measuring surge currents. This series of AC test power supplies allows for waveform switch-on and switch-off angles to be set for testing surge currents and output maintenance time. It also allows for the setting of voltage and frequency variation rates to scan the input specifications range of the device under test.

    The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply, with its multifunctional programmable waveforms, allows users to perform tests according to IEC 61000-4-11, IEC 61000-4-13, IEC 61000-4-14 and IEC 61000-4-28. In addition, the programmable output impedance, when combined with a power analyzer, enables compliance testing with regulations such as IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3 for harmonic current limitation and flicker. The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply is widely used for the Pre-Compliance test. 


    Capacity 500VA 1000VA 2000VA 4000VA 6000VA
    Voltage Single-Phase 2wires +PE: 90~250V 3Phases 4wires +PE, Phase to Phase Voltage: 198~250V
    Current 8A Max 16A Max 28A Max 18A Max 25A Max
    @90V @90V @90V @198V @198V
    Frequency 47~63Hz
    Power factor 0.97 Min 0.98 Min
    AC Output Phase Single phase
    Power 500VA 1000VA 2000VA 4000VA 6000VA
    Voltage Range Low Gear: 0.0~175.0V; High Gear: 0.0~350.0V; Low Gear/High Gear/Auto Gear
    Resolution 0.01V
    Accuracy 0.2%+0.2%F.S.
    Distortion 0.3%@50/60Hz; 1%@15~1000Hz
    Source voltage effect ≤0.1%
    Load effect ≤0.2%
    Effective value of current 0-175V 5A 10A 20A 40A 60A
    0-350V 2.5A 5A 10A 20A 30A
    Peak current 0-175V 20A 40A 80A 160A 240A
    0-350V 10A 20A 40A 80A 120A
    Frequency Range; Resolution; Accuracy 15~1000Hz; 0.001Hz; 0.15%
    DC Output Power 250W 500W 1000W 2000W 3000W
    Voltage Range Low Gear:-247.5V~247.5V; High Gear:-495.00V~495.00V; Low Gear/High Gear/Auto Gear
    Current -247.5-247.5V 2.5A 5A 10A 20A 30A
    -495.0-495.0V 1.25A 2.5A 5A 10A 15A
    Test Accuracy Voitage Range; Resolution; Accuracy AC: 0~350.00V (DC: 0~495.00V); 0.01V; 0.2%+0.2%F.S.
    Current Range 24A 48A 96A 160A 240A
    Resolution 0.01A
    Accuracy of effective value 0.4%+0.6%F.S.
    Accuracy of peak current 0.4%+0.6%F.S.
    Power Resolution; Accuracy 0.01W; 0.4%+0.6%F.S.
    Function Harmanic 2-40 Times
    Simulation bandwidth of harmonic and interharmonic 2400Hz
    Programmable output impedance 0Ω+0μH~1Ω+1mH
    Programming Pulse Mode, Step Mode, Sequence Mode
    Communication RS232(Standard), RS485(Optional), GPIB(Optional), Ethemet(Optional)
    Security & EMC CE Certificate
    Environment Temperature 0~40℃
    Humidity 30~90%RH
    Dimension W*H*D(mm) 432*134*630 432*222*640
    The width does not include hanging ears(24mm); The height does not include the machine foot(15mm, removable); 
    Weight(KG) ≤21 ≤40

    1. Extensive Measurement Functionality
    The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply is capable of measuring voltage, current, active power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, current crest factor, peak current, and surge current. It utilizes advanced DSP technology to measure up to 40th order current harmonics. This makes the LSP-EMC500VA not only a power supply but also a power analyzer.

    LSP-EMC500VA Test Screen

    2. Simulate Power Input Interference
    In addition to stable voltage output and programmable frequency, the LSP-EMC500VA test power supply also has a powerful capability to simulate various power supply interference conditions. The step output mode and pulse output mode provide a simple and convenient method to perform single-step or continuous output variations. These variations can be triggered by internal operations or external events. With this capability, simulating AC power supply interference conditions such as voltage fluctuations, instantaneous spikes, and short-term interruptions becomes easy.

    The sequence mode enhances this ability to cope with more complex waveforms. Up to 100 sequences provide different starting conditions, and can output any waveforms by controlling the volume and DC.

    Pulse Mode

    Step Mode

    Sequence Mode

    3. Programmable Output Impedance
    The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply allows users to program the output impedance. The current feedback control loop causes the output voltage to vary with load changes. This feature is applicable to testing conditions that require special output impedance. It can work with LISUN LS8930 Digital Power Meter (3Phases) to do IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-3-3 harmonic and flicker Pre-compliance Testing. It provides users with a simple and effective method to change the reference impedance.


    IEC61000-3-3 Voltage Flicker Test

    4. High -output current wave factor and starting angle control
    The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply features a high output current crest factor (maximum CF=6), providing sufficient transient power. The programmable start/stop angle control allows the LSP-EMC500VA test power supply to perform exceptionally well during surge current testing.

    High Output Current Wave Factor And Starting Angle Control

    5. Simulation voltage frequency variation testing according to IEC61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-14 and IEC61000-4-28

    The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply Supports voltage frequency variation testing according to IEC61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-14 and IEC61000-4-28 Pre-compliance Testing.

    IEC61000-4-11 voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variation immunity test

    IEC61000-4-14 voltage fluctuation immunity test

    IEC61000-4-28 Varation of power frequency immunity test

    6. Harmonic, inter-harmonic synthesis
    Traditional AC sources only allow users to superimpose harmonic content in an integer multiple of the distorted waveform. The IEC 61000-4-13 standard requires not only harmonic waveforms but also interharmonic simulation. This means that non-integer multiples of harmonic content need to be superimposed on the fundamental frequency. The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply utilizes advanced DSP technology to synthesize harmonic and interharmonic waveforms. With the help of PC software, non-periodic harmonic distortion waveforms can be outputted to achieve testing according to IEC 61000-4-13.

    IEC61000-4-13 Harmonics, inter-harmonics immunity test

    Harmonic measure

    Interharmonics simulator waveform


    User waveform editor

    7. Arbitrary waveform amplification
    The LSP-EMC500VA test power supply is capable of amplifying AC+DC waveforms generated by an arbitrary waveform generator. It can be used to simulate waveforms supplied by the main power source in the field.

    Generate Arbitrary Power Waveform