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LM-79 Moving Detector Goniophotometer

Product No: LSG-5000

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  • LSG-5000 Moving Detector Goniophotometer completely meets LM-79 Clause 9.3.1 and EN13032-1 clause, IES LM-80-08, CIE-121, IESNA LM-79 ect. standard goniophotometer type 4 requirements. The LSG-5000 is an automatic light distribution intensity 3D curve testing system for measuring light. The measuring distance is from 5m to 30m. It can measure all types of lighting sources, LED or HID luminaires such as indoor and outdoor luminaires, roadway luminaires, street lamps, flood lights and other kinds of luminaires.

    LSG-5000 Moving Detector Goniophotometer Working Principle

    LSG-5000 Moving Detector Goniophotometer Dark Room

    Luminous Intensity Data, Luminous Intensity Distribution, Zonal Luminous Flux, Luminaries Efficiency, Luminance Distribution, Coefficient Of Utilization, Luminance Limitation Curves Glare, Maximum Ratio of Distance to Height, Equal Illuminance Diagrams, Curves of Luminaires VS Lighting Area, Isocandela Diagrams, Efficient Luminescence Angle, EEI, UGR, etc.

    • The near field detector moves together with the big mirror in a line. The big mirror and the far field detector move synchronously.
    • The burning position of the lumainares will be kept without moving at all, and the detector will always sense the light directly from the luminares.
    • The rotary motor is from Japan MITSUBISHI MOTORS and the angle decode system is from Germany. They help the goniophotometer rotating smoothly with high accuracy. It is very stable when start and stop.
    • The working principles are according to IESNA and CIE. The LSG-5000 and LSG-3000 completely meet the LM-80, LM-79, LM-75, GB, EN and CIE121-1996 standards.
    • Special collimation device with cross laser line help you installing the position of the luminaires under test conveniently and accurately.

    • The luminaire under test rotates around the mirror with an angle of (γ) ±180° (or 0-360°) and the luminaire rotates around itself with an angle of (C) ±180° (or 0-360° ).
    • The accuracy of angle: 0.05°, Resolution of angle: 0.001°
    • Accuracy of  photo detector : Constant temperature  photo detector  DIN5032-6/CIE pub1. No. 69 Class L (LSG-5000)
    • LISUN goniophotometer software can export CIE, IES, LDT and other format files. These kinds of format files can be used via other illumination and luminaire design software such as DiaLux.
    • Connect the goniophotometer to PC via USB cable. English version software can run on Win7, Win8 or Win10
    • LSG-5000 can be used together with a CCD Spectroradiometer to test spatial CCT Distribution and other Spectral color parameters. We call this system “Goniospectroradiometer (LSG-5000CCD)”. LSG-5000CCD Goniospectroradiometer = LSG-5000 Goniophotometer System  +  LPCE-2 Integrating sphere Spectroradiometer System . Please click to download the LSG-5000CCD Brochure .

    LISUN Model LSG-5000B (Big Size) LSG-5000 (Standard Size) LSG-5000S/LSG-3000B (Small Size)
    Measure Non-Flood Lamp Φ 1600*800mm, 50kg Φ 1400*500mm, 40kg Φ 1000*460mm, 30kg
    Measure Flood Lamp 600*600mm, 50kg 600*600mm, 40kg 400*400mm, 30kg
    Measure Power (W) 600V/10A, AC/DC 600V/10A, AC/DC 600V/10A, AC/DC

    PS. The LSG-5000X is with special size which according to customer’s request

  • LSG-5000 LM-79 Moving Detector Goniophotometer


    LSG-3000 LM-79 Moving Detector Goniophotometer

  • LSG-5000 LM-79 Moving Detector Goniophotometer Brochure LSG-5000CCD LM-79 Moving Detector Goniospectroradiometer Brochure LSG-3000 LM-79 Moving Detector Goniophotometer Brochure LSG-3000CCD LM-79 Moving Detector Goniospectroradiometer Brochure SLS-150W Calibrate Certificate IES LM-79-19 English Version Standard Free Download IES LM-79-19 Spanish Version Standard Free Download IES LM-79-08 English Standard Free Download IES LM-80-08 2011 Standard Free Download CIE-121 1996 Standard Free Download CIE-121 1996 Chinese Version Standard Free Download IESNA LM-79-2008 Chinese Version Free Download LM-80-08 2011 Chinese Version Free Download EN13032-1-2004+AC-2005