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Glare Test System

Product No: GTS-LS

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  • The GTS-LS glare measurement system adopts a high-precision imaging luminance meter. The high-precision measurement and analysis of the unified glare index UGR is realized through a precision electronically controlled pan-tilt and special measurement and control software. The measurement stability is good, the speed is fast, and the system is small in size and light in weight. . The system comes with a battery, no external power supply is required, and can be tested by connecting a USB cable to a computer.

    1. Equipment Application: Used for testing and calculating the glare value UGR/GR/TI of lighting scenes such as classroom lighting, indoor lighting, road lighting, stadium lighting, outdoor lighting, etc.
    2. System configuration: imaging photometer, software, professional PTZ, special tripod, portable and protective outer box, common operating tools.
    3. Software function: including UGR, GR, TI and DGI analysis modules. In addition, it can also output parameters such as lamp glare indicators, brightness, etc.

    • 180-degree full-space brightness image measurement, which fully meets the measurement requirements of UGR with a large field of view;
    • 3 million pixel large-size area array COMS sensor with high image resolution;
    • The spectral response curve is strictly matched with the CIE V (λ) curve, and the brightness measurement accuracy is high;
    • Adopting the electronically controlled pan/tilt to rotate and measure at multiple angles, there is no distortion of the fisheye lens;
    • System V(λ) correction level: f1’<3%;
    • COMS size: 11×7mm diagonal (1/1.2 inch);
    • Pixel size: 5.86 µm × 5.86 µm; Pixel: 2.3 million;
    • Resolution: 1920×1200;
    • Luminance range: 0.01cd/m2 ~ 100kcd/m2); Luminance accuracy: ±5%;
    • Luminance repeatability: ±3%;
    • Integration time: 0.05ms~10s;
    • Communication interface: USB3.0;
    • Lens focal length: 16mm (other focal lengths are optional);
    • Lens field of view (standard): 38.8° (horizontal) × 24.8° (vertical);

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  • GTS-LS Calibrate Certificate