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EN 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use-Part 1: General requirements

PROTECTIVE CONDUCTOR TERMINALS shall meet the following requirements.
a) The contact surfaces shall be metal.
NOTE 1 Materials of PROTECTIVE BONDING systems should be chosen to minimize electro-chemical corrosion between the TERMINAL and the protective conductor, or any other metal in contact with them.
b) The integral protective conductor connection of an appliance inlet shall be regarded as the PROTECTIVE CONDUCTOR TERMINAL.
c) For equipment provided with a rewirable flexible cord and for PERMANENTLY CONNECTED EQUIPMENT,the PROTECTIVE CONDUCTOR TERMINAL shall be located near the MAINS supply TERMINALS.
d) If the equipment does not require connection to a MAINS supply, but nevertheless has a circuit or part which is required to be protectively earthed, the PROTECTIVE CONDUCTOR TERMINAL shall be located near the TERMINALS of that circuit for which protective earthing is necessary. If this circuit has external TERMINALS, the PROTECTIVE CONDUCTOR TERMINAL shall
also be external.
e) PROTECTIVE CONDUCTOR TERMINALS for MAINS CIRCUITS shall be at least equivalent in current-carrying capacity to the MAINS supply TERMINALS.
f) Plug-in type PROTECTIVE CONDUCTOR TERMINALS combined with other TERMINALS and intended to be connected and disconnected without the use of a TOOL, shall be designed so that the protective conductor connection makes first and breaks last with respect to the other connections. Examples include plugs and appliance couplers for MAINS cords and connector assemblies of plug-in units.
g) If the PROTECTIVE CONDUCTOR TERMINAL is also used for other bonding purposes, the protective conductor shall be applied first and secured independently of other connections.

LISUN following instruments fully meet EN 61010-1 Safety requirements for requirements for electrical equipment, control, and laboratory use-Part 1: General requirements:

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