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LISUN issued the 2021 Version E-Catalog. LISUN is the Leader in Lighting and Electrical Test Instruments. The main products application is following:

LED Luminaires and LED Power Driver Test Solution
 Goniophotometer System: LSG-6000LSG-1890BCCD or LSG-1800A
 Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere Test System: LPCE-2 for LPCE-3
 LED Life Maintains Test System according to LM-80: LEDLM-80PL
 Waterproof Test for IPX5 and IPX6 level testing: JL-56
 Dustproof Testing Machine for IP5X and IP6X level testing: SC-015
 LED Power Driver Tester: LS2090 (for LAB) and LSLED-60 (for production line)
 Electricity Safety TesterLS9955ZRS-3HSZY-3S

CFL and Electronic Ballast Test Solution
 Goniophotometer System: LSG-1890BCCD or LSG-1800A
 Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere Test System: LPCE-2 for LPCE-3
 Adjustable Reference BallastDYJ-50HZHCS-109A and DYJ-HID
 Electric Ballast TesterWT5000 (for LAB) and ATE-1 (for production line)
 Digital Torsion Meter and Multiway Life TesterCH338 and CH316
 Electricity Safety TesterLS9923ZRS-3HSZY-3S

EMC and EMI Test Solution for CFL and LED Luminaires
 EMI Test System: EMI-9KB or EMI-9KA
 Electrostatic Discharge SimulatorESD61000-2
 EFT Immunity MeasurementEFT61000-4
 Surge GeneratorSG61000-5
 Voltage Dips and Interruptions GeneratorCSS61000-11
 Ring Wave GeneratorRWG61000-12

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