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Capacitor Leakage Current Tester

Product No: LS6586

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  • Description
  • LS6586 series capacitor leakage current tester is a simple, cheap, high stability, high reliability leakage current tester. Its interface is rich. The test voltage is continuously adjustable. It can carry out a variety of capacitor leakage current testing, can also carry out a variety of diode testing and other applications. And it is widely used in automation equipment.

    Performance characteristics:
    • High reliability, high stability, LCD color display
    • Measurement range 0.001μA ~ 20.00mA, 4-digit display
    • SCPI instruction, online establishment of automation system is convenient
    • Automatic saving of test conditions, 50 sets inside the instrument and 500 sets of U disk test files
    • Flexible interface function, according to the requirements of the definition of data recording, saving, processing
    • Rich interface, RS232, Usb, Device, Handler, GPIB(optional)
    • Comparator function, to achieve qualified, unqualified sorting
    • U disk automatic upgrade, convenient for customers to customize functions




    Test voltage

    1-500V,Continuously adjustable

    1-800V,Continuously adjustable

    Test function

    LC(Leakage current)、IR(Insulation resistance)

    Voltage accuracy

    0.5%  Set value ±0.2V

    Measuring range


    Measurement accuracy


    Charging time

    0-999s,Continuously adjustable

    Test time

    Fast:About 30 times/second,Medium:About 15 times/second,Slow:About 6 times per second

    Test range

    Automatic, 20mA, 2mA, 200µA, 20µA, 2µA total of 5 ranges

    HANDLER port 

    Pass, fail, exceed the upper limit, exceed the lower limit, buzzer alarm, indicator display

    Rich interface

    RS232、USB DEVICE、GPIB(Optional),HANDLER port

    Volume and weight