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EMI Test Receiver

Product No: EMI-9KB

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  • EMI-9KB is an automatic EMI receiver system for EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) radiation conduction or conducted emissions testing.

    The EMI-9KB is produced by the full closure structure and strong electro-conductibility material, which has high shielding effect. Due to the new technology for the EMI Test System, it solved the instrument self-EMI problem. The test results are according to the international format test report. The EMI Test System EMI-9KB fully meets CISPR15:2018, CISPR16-1, GB17743, FCC, EN55015 and EN55022.

    System Configurations:
    • EMI-9KB Test System includes: EMI-9KB 9K-300MHz Receiver, LISN-A 5A Artificial Network Power, CDNE-M316 Coupling/Decoupling Network for Emission, 3pcs Isolation Transformers, Attenuator and cables.
    • EMI-9KA Test System includes: EMI-9KA 9K-30MHz Receiver, LISN-A 5A Artificial Network Power, 3pcs Isolation Transformers, Attenuator and cables.

    Option instruments to work with the EMI-9KB/EMI-9KA:
    LISUN LSP-500VARC/LSP-1KVARC Pure Sine Wave AC Power Source for EUT
    LISUN SDR-2000B Magnetic Shielding Cabinet for the EMI Receiver System
    LISUN VVLA-30M Three Loop Antenna to test 9k-30MHz Radiation
    LISUN AB-CLP Absorbing Clamp to test the Home Applications & motor tools

    • Detection frequency range: 9kHz~30MHz (EMI-9KA) , 9kHz~300MHz (EMI-9KB), 9kHz~1GHz (EMI-9KC)
    • Frequency stability: 1×10^-6
    • Frequency resolution: (9kHz~150kHz) 30Hz; (150kHz~30MHz) 1kHz
    • Test Tolerance: ±2 dB
    • Measure and Detection method: PK, QP and AV
    • Measure range from 20dBμV to 140dBμV
    • Frequency scanning step length: 20Hz~2MHz
    • Sweep bandwidth: 200Hz; 9kHz; 120kHz
    • Connect PC via USB cable and software can run on Win7, Win8 and Win10

    Noted: According to latest CISPR15:2018 standard, you need to use CDNE-M316 (Coupling/Decoupling Network for Emission) to instead the CDN. The CDNE-M316 worked with EMI receiver system is equivalent to test radiated electromagnetic disturbance of electric lighting appliance with frequency from 30M-300mHz

    CDNE-M316 Coupling/Decoupling Network for Emission

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  • EMI-9KB EMI Test Receiver

  • EMI-9KB EMI Receiver System Brochure EMI-9KB Calibrate Certificate CISPR15 2013 Standard Free Download CISPR15 2018 Standard Free Download CISPR16-1-AMD.2-F2-ED.1.0 1999 Standard Free Download EN55015 2000 Standard Free Download GB-17743 2007 Standard Free Download