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AC/DC Withstand Voltage Test

Product No: WB2671B

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  • WB267* series AC/DC withstand voltage tester use to do electricial products safety parameters measurement, it’s widely application at household appliances, electronic instrument, electronic equipment, electronic components and wires & cables industry, and etc safety test. The WB267* series tester fully meet IEC60598IEC60335 and GB7000


    LISUN Model Voltage Test Range Breakdown Current Range Transformer Cap Test Time Test Accuracy
    WB2671A 0-5KV(AC/DC) AC: 0-20mA;DC: 0-20mA 750VA 1~99s ±5%
    WB2671B 0-5KV(AC/DC) AC: 0-100mA;DC: 0-20mA 750VA 1~99s ±5%
    WB2673C 0-5KV(AC) AC: 0-200mA 1KVA 1~99s ±5%
    WB2673B 0-5KV(AC) AC: 0-400mA 2KVA 1~99s ±5%
    WB2673A 0-5KV(AC) AC: 0-600mA 3KVA 1~99s ±5%
    WB2672A 0-10KV(AC) AC: 0-20mA 750VA 1~99s ±5%
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  • IEC60598-1-2003 A1-2006 Standard Free Download GB-7000.1 2015 Standard Free Download IEC60335-1 2001 Standard Free Download