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LED Power Driver Tester

Product No: LS2090

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  • LS2090 LED Power Driver Test Instrument is the comprehensive test instrument for LED driver power which is according to GB/T 24825-2009 and IEC 62384:2006. It can measure the following parameters: input (AC&DC), output (AC&DC), output start (DC), harmonic and displacement factor (DF).

    The LS2090 usually works with LISUN LSP-500VARC pure sine AC Power Source and LISUN M9822 DC Electronic Load. The LSP 500VARC provides constant adjustable voltage for the driver under test, and the M9822 is used to simulate the LED source. The software can run on Win7, Win8, Win10, Win11.

    IEC 62384:2006/GB/T 24825-2009  “DC or AC supplied electronic control gear for LED modules – Performance requirements”

    LED Driver Test System

    1. Input Characteristics Test (AC)
    • Measures the input voltage, current, power, power factor, power frequency
    • The fundamental frequency scope of the current and voltage: 45Hz~65Hz; Narrowband range: 45Hz~5kHz; Broadband range: 45Hz~1MHz.
    • Voltage range: 3~300 V (CF=1.67); Current range: 5mA ~ 2.7A (CF=3); Power range: 0.015~800W; Power factor range: 0.000~1.000.

    2. Input Characteristics Test (DC)
    • Measures voltage, current, power.
    • Voltage range: 3~500V; Current range: 5mA~8A; Power range: 0.015~4000W

    3. Output Characteristics Test (AC)
    • Measures lamp voltage, lamp current, lamp power.
    • Lamp voltage range: 3~300V (CF=3); Lamp current range: 5mA~2.7A(CF=3); Lamp power range: 0.015~800W

    4. Output Characteristics Test (DC)
    • Measures output lamp voltage, lamp current, lamp power, ripple wave current.
    • Voltage range: 3~500V; Current range: 5mA~8A; Power range: 0.015~4KW; Ripple wave current range: 5mA~2.5A.

    5. Output Start Characteristics Test (DC)
    • Changing curve and data of the lamp voltage and lamp current within 0~2 seconds.
    • Lamp voltage range: 3~500V; Lamp current range: 5mA~8A

    6. Harmonic Testing
    Total harmonic and the harmonic component of 0~50 times, wave ratio, initial phase angle, peak phase angle and the phase Angle.

    7. Displacement Factor (DF) Testing
    The LS2090 is an update version for WT2080, the LS2090 has the Displacement Factor (DF) Testing function.

    P.S. The LS2090-IEC with additional software (need to add extra cost on LS2090) can fully meet EN/IEC6100-3-2:2019. Please click here to see the LS2090-IEC additional Test Report Sample

    LISUN LS2090 LED Power Driver Tester – After-sales Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    LISUN LS2090 LED Power Driver Tester were in the market for more than 10 years, LISUN engineers service team already summary the most of the After Sales Questions and Answers in the above link. Please read it carefuly, you can solve the most of the problems by yourself if you have some questions while using the instruments. LISUN will be continue to update this pages and more FAQ can be found in this topic link. 

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  • LS2090 LED Power Driver Tester - Introduction Vedio


    WT2080 LS2090 LED Power Driver Tester - Operation Vedio

  • LS2090 LED Power Driver Tester Brochurer WT2080 Calibrate Certificate IEC62384-2006 Standard Free Download IEC62384-2011 Standard Free Download GB/T-24825 2009 Standard Free Download IEC62384 2006 Chinese Version Standard Free Download