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UL 639 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Intrusion-Detection Units

A copy of the installation and operating instn Jctions intended to accompany the product, related schematic wiring diagrams, and installation drawings is to be furnished with the sample submitted for investigation and is to be used as a guide in the examination and test of the product. For this purpose, a final printed edition is not required. The information may be included in a manual.

The instollation and oporating instruotions shall inolude such diroctions and informotion noossary to accomplish the intended installation, maintenance, and operation of the product and in accordance with the required information of Section 74 (Instructions and Drawings).

The installation and operating instructions containing the information required in 4.1 and 4.2 and as referenced in other paragraphs in this standard, shall be made available by one or more of the ollowing means:
a) Printed hardcopy format;
b) Instructins attached to the product;
c) Electronic instructions within the basic product software; or
d) Electronic media such as CD. DVD, thumb drive, website, or equivalent.

LISUN following instruments fully meet UL 639 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Intrusion-Detection Units:

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