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IEC 61032 Protection of persons and equipment by enclosures – Probes for verification

Scope and obiect
This Intemational Standard speches detals sand dmenslons of best probes Intended to verly potection provded by encbours wth regand 
– prcedonod persons aganst acess to hacadous pars hnside the endosure;
– proletion of the quprent indide he enckogure egainst igre8s of 8o0ld korvign sojet&.
The oblgect o his Inemaional Standard bring lgotor in e pulitotion omijou proboe ond 80 poboo wrnly opooinod mother sandards, together wth any recessary new probes;
– to gude tchrical commitos in the sekecfon o b probes,
– to encounage those concemd to specly l probee in acerdanse mi thoss aready speclied in this Intemational Standard rather thaon modfy detais and dmersions,
– to lmt the trter prlero of tpes of lest probe.

 Goumral recommandations
When selecang pobes, piortry should be gven to IP c∞ole probes.
The use of other probes, paroulary probes which are not specihed in tis Itematinl Standerd, should imied 10 C88 where the 4586 o an IP oode probe B for 8ome rea80n imprdial.
NOTE1-The secdtonofa rmote tor 8 patoea PIPSe Bthe rspobty othe rlrart tetniadl
NOTE2 – Tochncad ontees weting deredop ne pobes or o madly aeting prosewo shudsubmt prposadis msctrical ommlwo Tofor amendmartcof th sand and Apcation of the pobe. tet ondion, aceptanoe codiorns and the pocedure in ca8e of comficting test resuts are the responsiblity of the rolevant product comite Cerfcates based on probes orfomirg to the frot edion of IEC 61032 shoud remain wald.

LISUN following instruments fully meet IEC 61032 Protection of persons and equipment by enclosures – Probes for verification:


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