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Impulse Winding Tester

Product No: LS8815

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  • Description
  • LS8815 impulse winding tester is specially designed for the testing needs of winding components, using a high-voltage charging small capacitor (low test energy) and the coil to be tested to form RLC parallel resonance, by the oscillation attenuation waveform, through up to 100Msps (can be customized 200Msps) and precision sampling processing analysis technology. It can test the poor self-insulation of the coil (inter-turn short circuit, inter-layer short circuit, insulation performance reduction, etc.), so that component manufacturers and users can be more effective for product quality control.

    LS8815 series are with fast measurement speed, good repeatability of the test waveform. It can be widely used in motor, power frequency transformer, relay, switching power transformer, degaussing coil and other wire wound components. LS8815 series can be used in automated test systems to greatly improve test efficiency.

    The following are product models and differences, please purchase on demand:
    • LS8815-3KV pulse voltage output: 100-3000V
    • LS8815-5KV pulse voltage output: 100-5000V
    • LS8815-10KV pulse voltage output: 100-10000V
    • LS8815S-8 8-channel test, pulse voltage output: 100-5000V

    LISUN Model




    Output pulse voltage

    10V step

    10V step

    Inductance test range


    Pulse maximum energy


    Waveform display content

    800×480 Lattice graphic liquid crystal
    650×250 Lattice
    Enlarge display, set parameters, standard and test waveforms, compare results, file information, etc

    Waveform sampling

    Sampling rate:100MSa/s~100kSa/s,Total 10 file resolution:8bits
    Sampling point:6500bytes

    Standard wave sampling

    Continuous cycle, single cycle, single sample (up to 32 sample averages)

    Input impedance


    Measuring speed

    Max. 15 times/second

    Test pulse

    1~32 times programmable

    Degaussing pulse

    0~16 times programmable

    Display waveform


    Voltage, time, frequency

    Trigger mode

    Internal / Manual (Foot control) / External / Bus

    Comparison mode

    AreaSize Comparison, DiffZone Comparison, Corona Comparison, PhaseDiff Comparison

    Area repetition accuracy


    Area difference repetition accuracy


    Discriminant output

    PASS、FAIL,LED display,Buzzer alarm

    Alarm volume selection

    Long treble, long bass, single short, double short, off


    Internal: 200 groups of files External USB flash drive: 500 groups of files