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CIE 70 The Measurment of Absolute Luminous IntensityDistributions

This technical report contains the terminology required for measurements of luminous intensity distributions. It also summarizes the principles of luminous intensity measurements and the requirements for the photometer heads employed for such measurements. The coordinate systems used for the mea-surement and representation of luminous intensity distributions are des-cribed. The types of goniophotometers, possibilities for angle encoding, characteristics of the photo-electronic system and the acquisition and processing of the data in measurements of luminous intensity distributions are discussed in detail. Other subjects covered are the power supply, the mea-
suring conditions and the execution, correction and representation of lumi-nous intensity distribution measurements. The various sections containsufficient data on the required characterization of goniophotometers.

The report is based mainly on the Technical Report of CIE Technical Committee TC-2.2 on “Methods of characterizing the performance of radiometers and photometers” as well as on CIE publicetions 24, 27 and 43. The terminology is largely based on the International Lighting Vocabulary.

LISUN following instruments fully meet CIE 70 The Measurment of Absolute Luminous IntensityDistributions:

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