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IEC 60669-1 Edition 4.0 Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations – Part 1: General requirements


IEC 60669-1:2017 applies to manually operated general purpose functional switches, for alternating current (AC) only with a rated voltage not exceeding 440 V with a rated current not exceeding 63 A, intended for household and similar fixed electrical installations, either indoors or outdoors. For switches provided with screwless terminals, the rated current is limited to 16 A. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition published in 1998, Amendment 1:1999 and Amendment 2:2006.

IEC 60669 Edition 4.0 Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations – Part 1 General requirements

LISUN supplies the fully test solutions for the following IEC 60669-1:2017, please see the below excel table:

IEC 60669-1:2017 Clause and Subject LISUN Model
Clause 10 Protection against electric shock SMT-1175
Clause 12.2.5 Figure 10 information for deflection test WDT-1
Clause 15.1 Resistance to ageing GDJS-225A
Clause 16.1 Insulation resistance and electric strength WB2681A
Clause 16.2 Test for measuring the insulation resistance WB2673C
Clause 18 Making and breaking capacity CZKS-6 & DFX-30
Clause 19.1 Test for switches intended for inductive loads DFX-WD20A
Clause 19.3 Test for switches intended for self ballasted lamp loads SBLL-3P20A
Clause 20.2 Pendulum hammer test Table 21 IK01-06P
Clause 21 Resistance to heat ZBP-T & GW-225
Clause 23 Creepage distances, clearances and distances through sealing compound CK-1
Clause 24.1  Resistance to abnormal heat and to fire ZRS-3H
Clause 24.2 Resistance to tracking TTC-1
Clause 25 Resistance to rusting YWX/Q-010


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