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GTEM Chamber RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity (EMS) and Emission Limit (EMI) Test

Product No: GTEM-2

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  • Description
  • GTEM (Gigaherz Tanseverse Electromagnetic) Test Chamber is a new type of electromagnetic compatibility test equipment developed on the basis of the TEM chamber (it application asymmetric rectangular structure to simulate free space to generate TEM electromagnetic waves inside the small chamber). By use of GTEM transverse electromagnetic wave transmission chamber for EMC performance test is a new developed measure technology in the EMC field in recent years.

    Due to the high wide-band performance of GTEM (from DC to microwave), it can be used for RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity (EMS) test, and it can also be used for RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Emission Limit (EMI) test. Comparing to various test chambers, shielded room, anechoic chamber and open test fields, the GTEM Test Chamber is simple, low cost, easy for fast and automatic control test, it has been highly valued and accepted by many famous third lab.


    Frequency Range

    DC ~ *GHz (Depend on the Power Amplifier or EMI Receiver)

    Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

    VSWR ≤ 1.5(Typic Value)



    Max Input Power


    Electric Field Strength Range

    0~200V/m( Depend on the input power)

    GTEM Cell Test Chamber Structure Diagram

    The electric field intensity at the center of the gigahertz transverse electromagnetic is:
    E: Vertical component of electromagnetic field strength
    Po: RF power fed to the Hertz Transverse Electromagnetic Chamber
    Rc: Impedance characteristic of gigahertz transverse electromagnetic chamber
    d: The vertical distance between the core board and the upper / lower boards
    It can be calculate larger field strength value according to the size between the core plate and the upper / lower bottom plates of the Hertz transverse electromagnetic wave chamber in the formula.

    LISUN Model

    Size (L*W*H)mm

    Total Height

    Shielding door

    3dB Area

    Max. EUT Size

























    P.S. Due to the container size limit, the GTEM-2and GTEM-4 can be delivery as an assembly unit via 40HQ container. But the GTEM-6 and GTEM-8 need to be assembly in the customers’ site.

    1. GTEM uses for RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity (EMS) Full-Compliance Test (LISUN Model: GTEM-EMS):
    GTEM-2 work with Signal Generator, Power Meter, Field Strength Probe / Monitor and Power Amplifier is  fully meet standard IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-20, GB/T17626.3 and GB/T17215 standards to use for RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity (EMS) Full-Complaince Test. This system has been widely used in electric power, communication, military industry, quality inspection and other fields, and has established a powerful test basis for evaluating the susceptibility of small electronic equipment to radiated electromagnetic field interference.

    Model Product Name Product Specifications
    PMM3030-01 Signal Generator Signal Generator 9kHz – 3 GHz, AC power- AC adapter
    PMM6630 Power Meter 9kHz-3 GHz RF Power meter for EMC application;USB connection.- Carrying case- USB cable- WIN6630 software
    EP-601 Field Strength Probe / Monitor Isotropic E-Field Sensor 10 kHz – 9,25 GHz; 0,5 to 500 V/m. Selfcontained electro-optic converter and rechargeable battery. – 10 m fiber optic – 8053-OC optical/RS232 adapter – RS232/USB adapter – PC Utility WinEP600 – battery charger and charging fixture 1. Calibration points 8,2 – 9,25 GHz: order accredited calibration LAT-EP-600-HF 2. Standard time-off: 3 minutes 3. Optional timeoff of 30 minutes: please specify “30 min. time-off” when ordering
    LS-0315M00 Power Amplifier Working power 300MHz~800MHz/800MHz~2000MHz/200W
    Divided into two sub-bands, independent output can be customized
    built-in RF switch switching

    GTEM Chamber RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity (EMS) Full-Compliance Test System Configuration

    2. GTEM uses for RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Emission Limit (EMI) Pre-Compliance Test (LISUN Model: GTEM-EMI):
    GTEM-2 work with LISUN EMI-9KC EMI Receiver System (Option is R&S or PMM EMI Receiver) is for IEC61000-4-20, CISPR11, CISPR14, CISPR20, CISPR22 and CISPR25 to use for to use for RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Emission Limit (EMI) Pre-Compliance Test, by simulating the test conditions of free space and open field, using mathematical modeling and three-dimensional data acquisition and calculation methods, it provides an economical, convenient and feasible solution for the majority of enterprise users to conduct electromagnetic compatibility EMI testing for small-sized electronic and electrical products. The pre-inspection test approach can effectively evaluate the impact of electronic equipment on the electromagnetic environment.

    GTEM Chamber RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Emission Limit (EMI) Pre-Compliance Test System Configuration