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Spectrum, Transmittance and Reflectance Tester

Product No: LMS-6600TR

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  • Description
  • LMS-6600TR is 350-950nm, it integrates the functions of spectrum, transmittance, saturation, reflectance, L, A, B, etc. With 5-inch screen, parameters and curve are displayed in real time, is convenient to use. Test the products such as materials and lenses directly.

    Measurement parameters:
    Transmittance, Reflectance , Total Transmittance, Saturation (C*), Degree of Brightness (L*), Yellow-Blue Degree (a*),Red-Green Degree (b*), Absorbance, Tone (H*), illuminance (lux), E(Fc), Ee(W/m2), Tc (K), Duv Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Chromaticity Coordinates, CRI, Purity, Cut-off wavelength, Peak Wavelength, Dominant Wavelength, Half Bandwidth, Center Wavelength, Centroid Wavelength, Total Color Difference, Brightness Difference, , CCT Difference, SDCM Diagram, Spectrum Diagram

    Standards: Fully meet CIE 177CIE-13.3 ,  Optical-Engineering-49-3-033602, and IEEE.

    • Spectral resolution: ±0.2nm, Reproducibility: ±0.5nm
    • Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate (Δx, Δy): ±0.005
    • Correlated color temperature CCT: 1, 000K ~ 100, 000K (±0.6%)
    • Illuminance range: 5~200,000lx
    • LCD screen: 5inch high definition IPS capacitive touch screen and resolution is up to 480*854
    • With 4000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery which can continuously work for 20 hours
    • Dimensions: 135mm*80mm*23mm
    • Connect to PC via USB cable. English version software can run on Win7, Win8 or Win10, Win11

    Note 1: The LMS-6600T all specifications is the same as LMS-6600TR but has no Reflectance Test Function.
    Note 2: The LMS-6600R all specifications is the same as LMS-6600TR but has no Transmittance Test Function.

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