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Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester

Product No: HVR-LS

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  • This HVR-LS Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Chamber meets the requirements of ANSI/UL94, IEC60695-11-3, IEC60695-11-4, IEC60695-11-10, IEC695-2-2 , GB- 4943, GB/T5169.15, GB/T5169.16, GB/T5169.17, GBT5169.22 Standard.

    What’s use of Horizontal & Vertical Flame Test Chamber?
    It is used to test the appliances and plastic materials parts of electrical equipment for the horizontal, vertical flammability test. The product tank shell is irony spray, and configured a transparent viewing window, the digital meter shows the burning time, afterflame time, afterglow time, this device has beautiful appearance, is easy to use and has reliable performance.

    • Burning Time: 0~999.9S (Adjustable), Residual flame Time: 0~999.9S (Adjustable), Residual Burning Time: 0~999.9S (Adjustable)
    • Burning Angle: 0°, 20°, 45° and optional, Flame Height: 20mm~175mm (Adjustable)
    • Gas Flow: 0~1L/Min, Gas Pressure: 0~0.25Mpa
    • Bunsen Lamp Holder: Internal tube diameter: 9.5±0.3mm, Length: 100mm±10mm
    • Timer: Accurate to 0.1S, linear measure in millisecond
    • Pressure Gauge: It can measure 200mm water, taking 5mm as the increment.
    • Flow Meter: The maximum measurement accuracy is ±2%
    • Position Adjustment: Sample position can be adjusted exactly according to the standard
    • Applied with touch screen and remote control
    • Customer need to prepare additional ventilation system for HVR-LSS

    To save the delivery cost for the oversea market, LISUN designed a compact version Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Chamber which gross weight is less than 50kg. (Customer need to prepare additional ventilation system for HVR-LSS)

    HVR-LSS Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester (Compact Version)

    How many types of procedure are there in UL 94 flammability test?
    UL94 flammability test grade is the most widely used plastic material flammability performance standard. It is mainly a fire test standard for plastic box foam materials to evaluate the ability of materials to extinguish after being ignited. According to the burning speed, burning time, anti-drip ability and whether the dripping is burning, there are many methods to determine whether the burning of the material is divided into five test methods according to UL94 flammability test. Pls. check below:
    1. The 50W flame horizontal combustion UL94 flammability test, HB40, HB75 classification;
    2. The 50W flame vertical combustion test V-0, V-1, V-2 classification;
    3. 500W flame combustion test 5VA, 5VB classification;
    4. Vertical combustion VTM-0, VTM-1, VTM-2 classification of flexible samples of thin film materials;
    5. The foam material burns horizontally HF-1, HF-2 and HBF classification.

    LISUN HVR-LS Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester – After Sales Questions and Answers.
    LISUN HVR-LS Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester were in the market for more than 10 years, LISUN engineers service team already summary the most of the After Sales Questions and Answers in the above link. Please read it carefuly, you can solve the most of the problems by yourself if you have some questions while using the instruments. LISUN will be continue to update this pages and more FAQ can be found in this topic link. 

    Taejin Choi
    Taejin Choi
    Taejin Choi

    It was an essential product for manufacturing and research. I purchased it after confirming that it is a CIE/IEC certified product. The quality of the product is excellent and the satisfaction with the price is high. Employees are also satisfied with their response to repairs and after-sales services.

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  • Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester - Introduction Video


    Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester - Operation Video

  • HVR-LS Calibrate Certificate IEC60695-11-3 2004 Standard Free Download GB- 4943 2001 Standard Free Download GB/T-5169.5 1997 Standard Free Download GB/T-5169.15 2008 Standard Free Download GB/T-5169.16 2008 Standard Free Download GB/T-5169.17 2008 Standard Free Download GB/T-5169.22 2008 Standard Free Download UL94 1990 Standard Free Download