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Digital Power Meter (High Accuracy Model)

Product No: LS2050

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  • Description
  • LS2050 High Accuracy AC and DC Power Meter is a new generation intelligent product which adopts digital sampling technology to analysis of the waveform. 

    • It is fully meet LM-79-19 request. 
    • DC/AC Frequency Range: 0.5Hz-100kHz
    • This instrument provides two kinds of method to calculate total harmonic distortion (THD), IEC and CSA

    AC Specifications Accuracy
    Voltage range: 1V~600V (CF=1.6) ± (0.1%reading+0.1%range+1character)
    Current range: 5mA~20A (CF=1.6)
    Power range: 0.15W~10KW
    Power factor range: 0.000~±1.000 ± (0.002+0.001/reading+1character)
    Frequency ± 0.1%reading


    DC Specifications Accuracy
    Voltage range: 1V~1000V ± (0.1%reading+0.1%range+1 character )
    Current range: 5mA~20A
    Power range: 0.15W~4000W