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BS1363 of British Standard Plugs Socket Outlets Gauges

Product No: GNGPL-BS1363

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  • Description
  • 1. Application:
    This plug and socket test gauge is mainly used to test and inspect whether the structure and size of plugs and sockets conform to BS 1363 standards. And the mainly application industries is electronics, electrical appliances, plugs and sockets and other similar areas.

    2. Features:
    Gauge dimensions, tolerances, material, hardness, surface roughness conform to the standards requirements;
    Material hardness is more than 50HRC; Material thermal expansion coefficient is small,dimensions and tolerances is stable and reliable.

    3. Specifications:

    LISUN Model Product Specifications
    GNGPL-3601 Test pin with BS 1363-2 Figure 1
    GNGPL-3602 Apparatus for Mechanical Strength Test on Resilient Covers with BS 1363 Figure 2
    GNGPL-3603 Socket contacts of BS1363-2 Figure 3
    GNGPL-3604 ISODs of BS1363-1 Figure 4b
    GNGPL-3605 Gauge for Adaptor Pins with BS 1363-3 Figure 5
    GNGPL-3605 BS 1363-1 Figure 5 Gauge for Plug Pins
    GNGPL-3607 Mounting plate of BS1363-1 Figure 7
    GNGPL-3608 Plug pin of BS1363-1 Figure 8
    GNGPL-3610 Test Apparatus for Pressure Test At High Temperatures with BS 1363 Figure 10
    GNGPL-3611 Go Gauges for Socket-Outlet of BS1363-1 Figure 11
    GNGPL-3612 Contact Test Gauge – BS 1363-2 Figure 12
    GNGPL-3612 Contact Test Gauge with BS 1363-2 Figure 12
    GNGPL-3614 Non-contact Test Gauge OF BS 1363-2 Figure 14
    GNGPL-3615 Turning Moment Gauge of BS 1363-2 Figure 15
    GNGPL-3616 Withdrawal Pull Gauges for Effectiveness of Contact of BS1363-2 Figure 16
    GNGPL-3617 Test apparatus of BS1363-1 Figure 17a/17b
    GNGPL-3619 Solid link of BS1363-1 Figure 19
    GNGPL-3623 Apparatus of BS1363-2 Figure 23
    GNGPL-3628 Calibrated link of BS1363-1 Figure 28
    GNGPL-3629 Calibration jig of BS1363-2 Figure 29
    GNGPL-3630 Test plug of BS1363-2 Figure 30
    GNGPL-3632 Test Apparatus for Tests on Plug Pins of BS 1363-1 Figure 32
    GNGPL-3633 Apparatus of BS1363-1 Figure 33
    GNGPL-3634 Test Plug with BS 1363-3 Figure 34


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