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Voltage Regulator

Product No: RTEU-SP5K

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  • Description
  • Voltage Regulator ( Or step-up or step-down isolation transformer) is an AC voltage conversion device with isolation function, it adopts a ring-shaped iron core to be wound, so that the power consumption is smaller and the efficiency is higher. Through this product, the voltage of a variety of grids is converted to a universal voltage output, and all electrical and electronic equipment can be used safely under rated power. The voltage regulator can provide a stable power supply for laboratory test equipment.

    • Single phase output current = Power * 80% / Output voltage
    • Three-phase output current = Power * 80% / 1.732 / Output voltage
    • Input voltage = Customers’ local rated voltage (Please inform the exactly voltage when order)
    • Output power = Actual power * 1.5

    LISUN Model Input voltage Output voltage Power
    RTEU-SP1K Single Phase/198-264V 0-300V(Adjustable) 1KVA
    RTEU-SP5K Single Phase/198-264V 0-300V(Adjustable) 5KVA
    RTEU-SP10K Single Phase/198-264V 0-300V(Adjustable) 10KVA
    RTEU-SP15K Single Phase/198-264V 0-300V(Adjustable) 15KVA
    RTUS-SP1K Single Phase/99-132V 0-300V(Adjustable) 1KVA
    RTUS-SP5K Single Phase/99-132V 0-300V(Adjustable) 5KVA
    RTUS-SP10K Single Phase/99-132V 0-300V(Adjustable) 10KVA
    RTUS-SP15K Single Phase/99-132V 0-300V(Adjustable) 15KVA
    RTEU-TP6K Three Phases/340-480V 0-500V(Adjustable) 6KVA
    RTEU-TP10K Three Phases/340-480V 0-500V(Adjustable) 10KVA
    RTEU-TP15K Three Phases/340-480V 0-500V(Adjustable) 15KVA
    RTUS-TP6K Three Phases/198-264V 0-500V(Adjustable) 6KVA
    RTUS-TP10K Three Phases/198-264V 0-500V(Adjustable) 10KVA
    RTUS-TP15K Three Phases/198-264V 0-500V(Adjustable) 15KVA
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