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Double Columns Tensile Testing Machine

Product No: PULL-2000KG

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  • Description
  • Double Columns Tensile Testing Machine is computer-controlled and widely used for mechanical performance testing of non-metal materials such as rubber, plastic, wire and cable, textiles, waterproof materials, nonwoven fabrics, as well as metal wires, metal foils, metal sheets and metal bars. It can also be used for various finished product testing, including tensile, compression, peeling, shearing, tearing, and bending (folding) tests, with the help of special fixtures.

    It can also automatically calculate parameters such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, and modulus of elasticity according to standards such as GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN, etc.

    • Force units: N, KN, Kgf, and Lbf can be freely converted.
    • Length units: mm, cm, and inch can be freely converted.
    • Control modes: Various control modes such as software-set speed, running time, load rupture (fracture), etc. are available.
    • Automatic detection of material rupture, compression crush, etc. and automatic shutdown. Automatic return can be set.
    • Types of curves: Load-displacement, load-time, displacement-time. Stress-strain, strain-time, stress-time. The coordinates of the curves can be set arbitrarily.
    • Standard fixture can measure parameters such as maximum force, minimum force, rupture value, and tensile strength.
    • Customized fixtures/extensometers can measure parameters such as compression strength, upper and lower yield strength, elastic modulus, elongation, maximum, minimum, and average.
    • Equipped with multiple protections such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, and stroke.
    • It already includes one set of PC which already installed the control software, the software has Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish version.

    Max Capacity 30T 20T 10T 5T 2000KG 500KG
    Experimental Accuracy Grade 0.5, the accuracy of the indicated value of the testing force is better than ±0.5%.
    Load Induction High-precision load compression and tension transducers
    High Resolution 1/300,000
    Magnification Factor 24-bit AD linear amplification with no segments
    Test Speed Range 0.001~500 mm/min Infinite speed control
    Speed Accuracy ±0.5%
    Displacement Decomposition 0.001mm
    Effective width of experiment Standard Type: 400 mm (Option: Design according to customer’s request)
    Test Trip (with fixtures) Standard Type: 800 mm (Option: Design according to customer’s request)
    Overload Setting Protection Function When the applied force exceeds 10% of the set testing force, the system automatically shuts down to  protect itself.
    Trip Setting Protection Function Trip setting protection for upper and lower limits of the journey.
    Servo Motor Taiwan Delta servo motor, servo drive controller
    Power Supply Single phase AC220V/50Hz (Design according to customer’s request)
    Standard Attachment A set of clamping fixtures and a set of tools for use.