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MOUNTING MEANS – Hardware和o mount the taen如o the bulding stnuclurg or tp a Qudlet boo.
OPERATING CONTROL – A device or crou the operation of which, 8tarts or reguates appliance during nomal operation.
Mote: Eaarpau of opening crntrth inde motor comrth not raled upon tor crtermpentr prosedton under normd and
omal opinting canditoil,

OTHER SPACE USED FOR ENMIRONMENTAL AIR – Spoce used for environmental air-handling purpo6es other than ducts and plerums It does nol include habitable rooms or 8reas of buidingg. he prime purpse of thich i not air heanding. The space over a hung ceiling u8ed for enwironmental are handing purp0ses is an eample of the rpe of other pC 10 which this sedion pliee.

OUTLET 8Ox – As used in this standard, the borm “oulet box” includes an oullel bax or any other supporing Bystem, ually feld supplied. intended to encose splices and wining devices or suppot a fan.

LISUN following instruments fully meet UL 507 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Electric Fans:

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