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“Go” and “Not Go” Gauge

Product No: GNG-E27

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  • Go No Go Lamp Cap Gauge Specification:
    According to the requirement of IEC 60061, Lisun produced high accuracy and high quality “Go” and “Not go” gauge.
    • GNG-E27 is for E27 lamp cap cmeasurement. It includes 7006-27B-1, 7006-28A-1, 7006-27C-1, 7006-50-1, 7006-51A-2, 7006-51-2
    • GNG-E27H is for E27 lamp holder measurement. It includes 7006-25A-2, 7006-26-4, 7006-21-5, 7006-22A-4, 7006-22B-1, 7006-22C-1, 7006-22D-1
    • GNG-E14 is for E14 lamp cap measurement. It includes 7006-27F-1, 7006-54-2, 7006-27G-1, 7006-55-2
    • GNG-E40 is for E40 lamp cap measurement. It includes 7006-27-7, 7006-28D-1, 7006-52-1, 7006-53-1
    • GNG-B22D is for B22d lamp cap measurement. It includes 7006-12-8, 7006-15-7, 7006-20-4, 7006-12A-2, 7006-12B-2, 7006-15A-2, 7006-13-5, 7006-17B-1
    • GNG-B22DH is for B22d lamp holder measurement. It includes 7006-12A-2, 7006-12B-2, 7006-15A-2, 7005-10-8
    • More other gauges are available. Please contact our sales: Sales@Lisungroup.com

    IEC 60061 “Lamp caps and holders together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety. Part 1: Lamp caps”

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  • GNG Calibrate Certficate IEC60061-1 2002 Standard Free Download