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02 Jan, 2017 1857 Views Author: root

Type of Lamp Caps

We know that LED lamps have many models. Here we introduce the main models.

It is classified as bayonet, screw and so on from installation methods. It is classified as bakelite, plastic, metal and ceramics from materials. Usually lamp holders such as E27 are the most common energy-saving lamp screw lamp holders, while fluorescent lamp holders are usually called T8 lamp holder or T5 lamp holder etc. Usually we use most in life are E27 and B27.

Common lamp holders will use IEC safety certificate, they are classified as:
E14, E27, E12, E26 etc. E means that the lamp holder and the lamp binding mode is spiral. Number (27/26/14) indicates for the thread inner of shells. For example: E27 indicates that the lamp is spiral, the thread inner of shells is 27mm. E27 is the lamp holder that we usually use for of incandescent lamp. E14 is smaller than E27, E40 is larger than E27. E40 is mostly used for special lighting, usually large power lamps use E40 lamp holder such as 1000W metal halide lamp.

B15, B22 etc. B means that the lamp holder and the lamp binding mode is bayonet, number (15/22) indicates for the inner diameter of shells bayonet. For example: B22 indicates that the lamp is bayonet, the inner diameter of shells bayonet is 22mm.

G9, G8 etc. G means that the lamp holder and the lamp binding mode is plug-in, number (9/8/6.35) indicates the two pins center distance of bulb. For example: G8 indicates that the lamp is plug-in, the center distance of two pins is 9mm. G12 is a kind of single-end tubular metal halide bulbs.

GU10 etc. GU is our daily use bayonet. G indicates that it is plug-in, U indicates that lamp cap represents U-shaped, number indicates that the center instance of lamp pins(Unit is mm).

MR16, MR11 etc. MR is plug-in, partial lighting small spotlights usually use this type lamp cap. Generally small spotlight has two pins, which is easy installed. MR16 refers to the maximum outer diameter of 2 inches lamps with a multi-faceted reflector. MR11 is smaller than MR16. MR: Multiface Reflect. Multi-faceted reflector (Lamp cap), number indicates the caliber of lamp cap(Unit is 1/8 inch). MR16 caliber =16*1/8=2inches, which is about 50mm.

PAR lamps generally have PAR30, PAR36, PAR46 and PAR56. Length is long or short. It is also called downlights, which is used for lighting stage and changing dynamic color. It is a common lamp on stage. It is gradually being replaced by LED PAR lamp now, because the power consumption is relatively large.

Lisun GNG series lamp cap and lamp holder gauge is designed according to IEC60061 standard.

Type of Lamp Caps

Type of Lamp Caps


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