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UL 749 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Household Dishwashers

CONTROL, OPERATING – Control, the operation of which starts or regulates the appliance during normal operation.

CONTROL, PROTECTIVE – Control, the operation of which is intended to prevent the risk of electric shock, fire, or injury to persons during abnormal operation of the apliance.
Note: During the evaluation of the protective control, the protective functions are venified under normal and single-fault conditions of the control.

CURRENT-CARRYING PARTS一Parts carrying current during normal or abnormal operation in line voltago cirouits.
Note: With respect to Separation of Circults, 21.3. this term refers to parts in both lowoltage and lnevoltage circults.

ELECTRICAL CONNECTION – The physical interface between two points in a circuit such as spade terminals, pin terminals, micro switch contacts, relay contacts, timer contacts, crimped connections, and connectiong that are welded or soldered.

LISUN following instruments fully meet UL 749 STANDARD FOR SAFETY Household Dishwashers:

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