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Integrating Sphere With Holder Base

Product No: IS-*MA

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  • Due to the LED street luminaries developed, it is hard to do 4π geometry test in the traditional integrating sphere. Because there is no test base (platform) to hold so heavy LED outdoor lighting fixtures. LISUN IS-*MA Optical 4π Geometry Integrating Sphere With Holder Base is designed for this kind of LED luminaires. 

    IS-*MA Integrating Sphere T8/T5 Tube Test Holder

    IS-*MA Integrating Sphere Test Holder Base can hold up to 20kg LED luminaires

    • Painting material of integrating spheres is according to CIE Pub.No.84 (1989) and IES-LM 79 Standard.
    • Internal painting: ρ (λ) ≥0.96 (450nm~800nm) and ρ (λ) ≥0.92 (380nm~450nm)
    • Fine diffuse reflection: Reflectance ρ≈0.8 and accuracy of ρ (λ) <1.5%
    • Lamp jigs: jigs are for E40/E27, T5/T8/T12 tubes, the holder base is for LED and other luminaires. All samples under test can be installed both up and down directions in the sphere.
    • Power cable, power terminal and auxiliary lamp position are built-in (Auxiliary lamp is optional)
    • Power cable and socket has been build-in. It is convenient to power on the lamp under test
    • Two photo detector ports, one optical fiber port and one temperature sensor port are built-in
    • Build-in cross laser can help to install the standard lamp and the lamp under test in the center of the integrating sphere

    Cross Laser for Integrating Sphere

    The integrating sphere works with a Spectroradiometer to do the photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters measurement.
    • IS-0.3M/IS-0.5M is for LEDs, LED modules, mini LED bulbs & other small lamps. The flux testing range is 0.001 to 1,999 lm
    • IS-1.0MA is for CFL or LED bulbs. The flux testing range is 0.1 to 199,990 lm
    • IS-1.5MA/IS-1.75MA is for CFL, LED bulb and tube, fluorescent lamp, CCFL. The flux testing range is 0.1 to 1,999,900 lm
    • IS-2.0MA is for HID lamps or high power lamps. The flux testing range is 0.1 to 1,999,900lm

    Taejin Choi
    Taejin Choi
    Taejin Choi

    It was an essential product for manufacturing and research. I purchased it after confirming that it is a CIE/IEC certified product. The quality of the product is excellent and the satisfaction with the price is high. Employees are also satisfied with their response to repairs and after-sales services.

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  • Integrating Sphere With Holder Base

  • CIE-84 1989 Standard Free Download IES-LM-79-08 2008 Standard Free Download