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Needle Flame Test

Product No: ZY-3

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  • The ZY-3 needle flame test apparatus is mainly used for testing lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, power tools, electronic instruments, electronic meters, etc. Additionally, this instrument is also suitable for testing insulation materials, engineering plastics, and solid flammable materials. The needle flame test apparatus consists of a needle flame burner, a working chamber, and a temperature measuring device.

    The needle flame test apparatus utilizes a needle-shaped burner with a specified size (Φ0.9mm) and is fueled by a specific gas (butane or propane). The burner is oriented at a 45° angle and ignited for a predetermined time onto the test specimen, evaluating the ignition hazard of small flames caused by internal fault conditions of the equipment based on whether the test specimen and the ignition pad ignite, the duration of combustion, and the length of the flame.

    IEC60695-2-2 “Fire hazard testing – Part 2: Test methods – Section 2: Needle-flame test”
    IEC60695-11-5 “Fire hazard testing – Part 11-5: Test flames – Needle-flame test method – Apparatus, confirmatory test arrangement and guidance”
    IEC62368-1 “Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment – Part 1: Safety requirements”

    • Angle of burner: 45° (when in test) / 0° (when adjust the flame’s height)
    • Needle flame burning time: 0~999.9s±0.1s (adjustable, 30s in general)
    • After-flame time: 0~999.9s±0.1s, auto record and pause manually
    • Height of flame: 12mm±1mm
    • Gas: 95% butane (Note: Digital Barometer is option with extra cost)
    • Test range of temperature: 0~1000℃
    • The temperature rises from 100℃±2℃ to 700℃±3℃ within 23.5 seconds±1s
    • Thermocouple: Φ0.5mm K type
    • Applied with touch screen and remote control
    • Number of burning times for a single test: single or multiple times can be set
    LISUN ZY-3 needle flame tester can run multiple times flame test in a single test automatically according to the Annex S S.1 of the IEC62368-1 standard: 

    To save the delivery cost for the oversea market, LISUN designed a compact version needle flame test equipment weighing less than 50kg. (Customer need to prepare additional ventilation system for ZY-3S)

    ZY-3S Needle Flame Test (Compact Version)

    What is a needle flame test?
    The full name of IEC 60695-2-2 is Fire hazard testing Part 2: Test methods – Section 2 Needle-flame test. It was prepared by IEC technical committee 89: Fire hazard testing. The following is the related introduction of IEC 60695-2-2 Scope.

    This section of IEC 60695-2-2 specifies a needle-flame test to simulate effect of small flames which may result from fault conditions within equipment, in order to assess by a simulation technique the fire hazard.It is applicable to electrotechnical equipment, its sub-assemblies and components and to solid electrical insulating material or other combustible materials.

    What is flame retardant test methods?
    In the case of horizontal needle flame test HB classification, the sample size is required to be 125mm in length, 13mm in width, and no more than 13mm in thickness. The sample is placed horizontally, the sample clamp is clamped to one end of the sample, and the ignition device is at a 45 degree angle to keep the flame position unchanged. Apply 30±1S to the other end of the sample holder, and place a metal mesh and a freely movable fixed frame horizontally under the sample holder, so that when the sample burns, the free end and the metal mesh are kept 10mm. […more…]

    LISUN ZY-3 Needle Flame Test – After-sales Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    LISUN ZY-3 Needle Flame Test were in the market for more than 10 years, LISUN engineers service team already summary the most of the After Sales Questions and Answers in the above link. Please read it carefuly, you can solve the most of the problems by yourself if you have some questions while using the instruments. LISUN will be continue to update this pages and more FAQ can be found in this topic link. 

    Taejin Choi
    Taejin Choi
    Taejin Choi

    It was an essential product for manufacturing and research. I purchased it after confirming that it is a CIE/IEC certified product. The quality of the product is excellent and the satisfaction with the price is high. Employees are also satisfied with their response to repairs and after-sales services.

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  • IEC 60959-2-2, IEC 60959-11-5 Needle Flame Test Equipment - Introduction Video


    IEC 60959-2-2, IEC 60959-11-5 Needle Flame Test Equipment - Operation Video

  • ZY-3 Calibrate Certificate IEC695-2-2 1994 Standard Free Download GB/T-5169.5 2008 Standard Free Download