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Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics

Product No: EMS-ISO7637

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  • When vehicles are operating normally, electromagnetic interference is generated and enters the power and signal lines of onboard electronic devices through conduction and coupling, causing their functions to be reduced, temporary malfunctions, or even damage. The EMS-ISO7637 automotive electronic immunity test system simulates various typical electromagnetic interferences generated during normal vehicle operation, and can also simulate changes in vehicle power supply during vehicle start-up, electronic device switching, battery charging and discharging.  LISUN EMS-ISO7637 system includes all the waveforms required by ISO7637-2 and it meets most of automotive manufacturer’s requirement for automotive electronic immunity test.

    ISO7637-2  “Road Vehicles – Conductive Coupling Electrical Interference – Part 2 Electrical Transient Conductivity Tests for Power Lines
    ISO16750-2-2023 “Road Vehicles – Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment – Part 2:Electrical loads”
    ISO7637-1 (GB-T21437.2 )”Road vehicles – Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling – Part 1: Definitions and general considerations”

    Technical Characteristics:
    • This system includes all the waveforms required by ISO7637-2: 2011 standard (ISO16750-2-2023 is optional).
    • Operation screen: Adopted with big color LCD touch screen and applied with main module expand technology architecture design.
    • Designed for 12V/24V/36V (other is optional) automotive electronic immunity test.
    • Built-in various host interfaces and it can work with LISUN software on a PC.
    • The software includes all relevant standards, and customers can also add or update the standards.

    System Configuration:
    Note: Please click here to download the EMS-ISO7637 System Brochure and CNAS Calibrate Certificate to learn more.

    Product Name



    Multifunctional Immunity Test instrument Host


    Master control device

    P1/2a Simulator


    Pulse 1 & Pulse 2a

    P2b/4 Simulator


    Pulse 2b & Pulse 4

    P3 Simulator


    Pulse 3a & Pulse 3b

    P2b/4 Simulator


    Complies with ISO7637-2 Pulse 2b, 4 waveforms, ISO16750-2:2012 Section 4, VW 80000 and GM 3172:
    LIS-7640D-A: 40V/10A/100kHz
    LIS-7640D-B: 40V/30A/100kHz
    LIS-7640D-C: 40V/30A/200KHZ
    LIS-7640D-D: 80V/100A/300kHz

    P5a/5b Simulator


    Pulse 5a & Pulse 5b

    Artificial Network


    Transient conducted emission EMI test



    Transient conducted emission EMI test

    Capacitive Coupling Clamp (CCC)


    ISO7637-3  CCC Vehicle electronic interference test (Option)

    Inductive Coupling Clamp (ICC)

    F-120-6A ISO7637-3 ICC Test, for slow pulse ISO7637-3 test (Option)

    Inductive Coupling Clamp Calibrating Set (ICC)

    FCC-BCICF-1 ISO7637-3 ICC Test, work with F-120-6A (Option)

    Inductive Coupling Clamp Adaptor (ICC)

    ICC-AC ISO7637-3 ICC Test, work with F-120-6A (Option)

    Direct Capacitive Coupling (DCC)

    DCC-100 ISO7637-3 Common mode test: 100nF, 470pF, 100pF;Differential mode test: 470pF, 100pF. (Option)

    19 Inch Cabinet


    Loading control host device and all pulse generator together (Option)

    EMS-ISO7637 Automotive Immunity Test System Software

    EMS ISO7637 Software P2a Test

    EMS-ISO7637 Software P2a Test

    EMS ISO7637 Software Standard Selection

    EMS-ISO7637 Software Standard Selection

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  • Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics - Introduction Video


    Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics - Operation Video

  • EMS-ISO7637 Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics Brochure EMS-ISO7637 Calibrate Certificate GB-T21437.2-2008 Standard Free Download ISO16750-2-2023 Standard Free Download ISO7637-2-2004 Standard Free Download ISO7637-1-2002 Standard Free Download