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Impulse Withstand Voltage Tester

Product No: SUG255

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  • The Impulse Withstand Voltage Tester (or High Voltage Surge Generator), it is according to IEC255-5, IEC60060, IEC60065, GB14711, GBT17215.301 and GBT17215.322. It is suitable for doing all kinds of electrical and electronic products (such as energy meter, household appliances, low voltage electrical appliances and small power motor) insulation performance test.

    Product Model SUG255LX SUG255PX             SUG255MX
    Voltage Output Waveform 1.2 / 50μs 1.2 / 50μs 1.2 / 50μs
    Range of Output Voltage 0~12kV 0~12kV 0~12kV
    Polarity of Output Voltage Positive or Negative Positive or Negative Positive or Negative
    Impedance of Generator 12Ω and 500Ω 2Ω and 500Ω 38Ω and 500Ω
    Operation Mode Manually or Automatic Manually or Automatic Manually or Automatic
    Test Repetition 1~9999 1~9999 1~9999
    Interval Time 3~9999s 3~9999s 3~9999s



    Impulse Withstand Voltage Tester Waveform

  • sug255-impulse-withstand-voltage-calibrate-certificate