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Load Cabinet

Product No: DFX-20

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  • Description
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  • • Working power: AC220V 50Hz
    • Normal load: Continuous adjustable from 0 to 280V
    • Electric current: 0~20A/Continuos adjustable  cosφ: 0.3-0.96 under 16A; 0.6~0.96 more than 16A
    • Precision: 0.5 class, digital display
    • Counter: 0~999999 times, can be preset

    Production Model Standards Specifications
    Load cabinet DFX-20 UL1054, GB2099, GB15092 Provide the required inductive and resistive load for electrical accessory test; 0~20A Power factor 0.3-0.98
    Load cabinet DFX-30 UL1054, GB2099, GB15092 0~30A, Current as per client’s requirements, other same as above
    Pure resistance load cabinet WFZ-20   3 stations pure resistance load, 0~20A
    Fluorescent lamp load cabinet YFX-20 GB16915 0~20A (See note in detail)
    Tungsten lamp load cabinet WSD-1 UL1054, GB15092 10 groups tungsten lamp for a total (matched according to impacting waveform)
    Incandescence lamp load cabinet BCD-1 GB16915 12 groups incandescence lamp for a total
    Special standard load cabinet UL, IEC, BS According to relevant standard requirements

    Fluorescent lamp load cabinet provides the required capacitive and resistive load:
    1. Load A: Equipped with 2 sets of capacitance, a set of 70μF, the other set of 140μF.
    2. Load B: Equipped with 2 sets of  capacitance, a set of 7.3μF, Inductance is 0, 5H.
    3. The Voltage adjustable from 0 to 280V, Current adjustable from 0 to 30A, cosφ 0.3~0.98, internal power on frequency counting control.
    4. General products for Current 10A, 20A, 30A, and other specifications can be customized

  • Load Cabinet