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EN 61032 Protection of persons and equipment by enclosures – Probes for verification

General recommendations
When seletinge probes, priority should be givren to IP oode probe.
The us of otber probes. particularly probes which gre not speifed in this Intemational Standard. should be limited to C808 where the 1580 of an IP code probe la for come reaaon impractieal.
NOTE 1 The sebotom oda tet prde如r e prielr purpoe Is the meprelblly ot the rerent potinkal mltee
NOTE2 Tehind comite wihing odwmhp nw pmnbes e to ralily siening probep thoald aubenit propale m bedunial omnitee T0 be amendruenat od thie atandarl.
Application of the probes. test oonditions acceptance conditions and the procedure in of coflicting test results are the rospopobiliti of the relovant produet cmilte.
Cerffcatee baed on tet probee comforming to the firse editio of IEC 61032 should remain valid.

Normative references
The fllowin normative documents tootain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitate prorisiong af this Internatiomal Standard. At tbe tinse ot publiceation, the edition indicated werp valid. All normative dorumente are subject to revision. and prtiee to augree menta baed on this International Standand are cacournaged to instigate the posibility of applying the most roent elitiong of the nermative documenta indkeated below. Members of TEC and 180 maintaln regieters o currently vald Internatonal Standards.
IEC 60050 (826: 1982, International Eletrotechnieal Vocabulary (IEV) – Chapter 826 Electrieal foustalations of buldinga.
IEC 60528:1989. Degree of proletiorn provided by enelonuree (IP Code,
IEC 0058:1976, Casification of letrirad and eletronie equipment mith rggard to peeion against sebetrie shoek.
180 4287-1:1984 Siurfor rughres – Termioology – Part 1: Surfore and ite parameter.

LISUN following instruments fully meet EN 61032 Protection of persons and equipment by enclosures – Probes for verification:

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