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CIE 121 The photometry and goniophotometry of luminaries

This technical report provides general requirements for the photometry of luminaires of most types and includes the following information:

1. Standard test conditions under which the tests should be carried out, with acceptable practical tolerances.
2. Selection procedures for lamps and luminaires.
3. Procedures for measurement of the photometric characteristics of luminaires and assessment of the possible sources of error.
4. Correction factors and service conversion factors.
5. Presentation of test results.

The report is considered to be sufficiently comprehensive to form a practical guide for industrial laboratories and contains sufficient information to replace publication CIE 24-1973 “Photometry of indoor type luminaires” and CIE 27-1973 “Photometry of luminaires for street lighting”. CIE will publish supplementary reports covering these types of luminaires more specifically.

LISUN following instruments fully meet CIE 121 The photometry and goniophotometry of luminaries:

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