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LED Optical Aging Test Instrument

Product No: LEDLM-80PL

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  • LEDLM-80PL LED Lumen Maintenance and Aging Life Test System is designed according to IES-LM-80, IES-LM-82, IES LM-84, TM-21 and GB2312-80, and the software is developed based on Arrhenius model. LED has the feature of long life, but its life will be different with the different working condition and driver current. Generally the life will be around 50K hours. Different from the traditional lightsource, LED light will decay gradually rather than extinguish instantly. So in the LM-80 standard, it introduces L70, L50 and etc.

    1) L70 (hour): time to 70% lumen maintenance
    2) L50 (hour): time to 50% lumen maintenance

    1) Record the changing curves of lumen VS time, and colorimetric parameters VS time
    2) Test and record the light attenuation data within a short time, then software will predict the LED life
    3) Introduce the Arrhenius Model to make the test result more reliable and effective

    System Configuration:
    LM-80PL LED Aging Control System with Arrhenius software, TMP-8 Multiplex Temperature Meter, LMS-4000 Quick Test System for Photo and Color, CFO-1.5M Optical FiberLS2008R Digital Power Meter, LSP-18CH The Switching Power System for the LED lamp,  CASE-19IN Cabinet

    The LEDLM-80PL needs to work with a GDJW Series High and Low Temperature Chamber and and LSP Series AC Power Source.

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  • LED Optical Aging Test Instrument

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