22 Dec, 2018

LISUN Hold a lighting Technology Salon in Egypt

LISUN engineer went to Egypt in December 2018 to provide on-site installation & training services for customers there. During the period, we held a lighting testing technology salon in Glorious Hotel (Cairo, Egypt). LISUN senior engineer Mr. Jacky Jiang shared the following topic there:

1. How to get improve the lumen test accuracy in integrating sphere
2. How to update your LED driver design to meet the EMC and EMI request
3.How to solve the LED heating or high temperature issue to extend the LED life (lumen maintenance)
4. How to get the IES file to use in DiaLux
5. The latest IEC/CIE and American lighting standard.

The sharing session was very successful, in addition to the previous customers, it also attracted some new customers to learn about related technologies and LISUN products. Below is the picture of the sharing session:

Figure 1: Customers are learning the technologies shared by LISUN engineer

Figure 2: Group photo of the sharing session

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