26 Feb, 2019

LISUN product corresponding to Saudi Arabia’s latest standard SASO2902

Recently Saudi Arabia released new LED standard SASO2902 for energy efficiency, functionality and labeling requirements for Lighting products. We have got the SASO2902 in 2017 which is draft and already produce some instruments for some of the Saudi Lab. Such as below products:

1. LPCE-2(9000B) High Precision Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere System. It can test EEI, EEI, CRI, CCT, LUMEN ,edt. More details please check: https://www.lisungroup.com/products/led-test-instruments/high-precision-spectroradiometer-integrating-sphere-system.html
2. LSRF-2 Lamp Start, Run-up time and Flicker Tester, which meet Table 13 (on page 27) in SASO2902. The LSRF-2 can be used with LISUN LPCE-2 High Precision Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere System. More details please check: https://www.lisungroup.com/products/led-test-instruments/lamp-start-run-up-time-and-flicker-test.html
3. LSG-5000 LM-79 Moving Detector Goniophotometer. This test system can make the measurement of Luminous Intensity Distribution, Luminaries Efficiency, Luminance Distribution, Efficient Luminescence Angle, EEI, UGR and etc. The test result can be exported as CIE, IES, LDT and other format files. More details please check: https://www.lisungroup.com/products/goniophotometer/lm-79-moving-detector-goniophotometer.html
4. SY2036 Aging and Life Test Rack which is special designed for Saudi Arab to meet SASO2902 in clause 5.2. More details please check: https://www.lisungroup.com/products/environmental-test-chamber/aging-and-life-test-rack.html
5. Lumen maintenence and endurance test system LEDLM-80PL LED Optical Aging Test Instrument, which meet SASO2902 in clause 5.2. More details please check: https://www.lisungroup.com/products/led-test-instruments/led-optical-aging-test-instrument.html

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