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19 Dec, 2016 1784 Views Author: root

How to judge the performance of the LED power driver?

LED luminaries consist of LED power driver, single LEDs and fixtures, which the LED power driver is like the heart of human, so it is the key part. Since the LED is sensitive semiconductor device and also has the negative temperature characteristics, it needs to be applied in steady state operation and protection in the application, resulting in a drive concept. LED devices is strict with LED power driver, LED is unlike the ordinary incandescent bulbs, which can be connected with the 220V AC city electricity directly. LED is drove by 2~3V low voltage, which must design complex transform circuits, different LED lamps needs to be equipped with different power adapters. Therefore, it is very important for LED lighting manufacturers to use high-performance LED power driver.

Therefore, how to judge the performance of the LED power driver? The foreign customers in international market for LED power driver, the requirements of input and output characteristics, and start-up characteristics is very high, it is a must to take all theses factors into account when design a good LED power driver. Lisun Group releases the WT2080 LED power driver tester that combines the standard of IEC62384:26 (DC or AC Supplied Electronic Control Gear for LED modules-performance requirements), it can test AC&DC input and output characteristics and DC output and start characteristics, and also the harmonic testing function. It is easy to operation and equipped with software, all the data and change curve can be printed and show in the test report with nice looking.

And Lisun Group also releases WT2080-OK LED Power Driver on line TesterLSLED-12 LED Driver Online Tester and ATE-2 LED Driver Automatic Test System. WT2080-OK LED Power Driver on line Tester only takes 0.1s testing time, which is easy and fast. LSLED-12 LED Driver Online Tester is equivalent to 6 sets of WT2080-OK, if only test the input parameters, it can test 12pcs LED Drivers at one time, if test both input and output parameters, it can test 6pcs LED drivers at one time, it can also set up the testing parameters PASS/FAIL range.

ATE-2 LED Driver Automatic Test System is applied to the production line for the finished products testing. With features of simplified operation and nice-looking, the workers can operate it at very short time. It has powerful functions and can test the input and output parameters, surge current, input and output performance test. It can test 4pcs LED power driver at the same time, and doesn’t need to be connected with LED lamps. For WT2080-OK LED Power Driver on line Tester and LSLED-12 LED Driver Online Tester, Lisun recommend users to use LSP-500VAR AC Power Source and M9811 DC Electronic Load together with WT2080-OK or LSLED-12.

Lisun’s LED Power Driver series are widely applied to Luminaries manufacturing enterprise and lab, like TUV Rheinland InterCert Kft.( Hungary), ASMETEC GmbH(Germany), Institute of Testing and Certification India Pvt. Ltd (India), LED shine (Netherland), PT. SHARP SEMICONDUCTOR INDONESIA (Indonesia), Capital Power Systems Ltd(India) ,Fiberli (Turkey), Serwis Polska Sp. z o.o.(Poland), Wise Tech Ltd(Israel) and etc. The reason why Lisun can win some many customers is because we always practice the motto of right products, right price and right service. Lisun will continue feedback good quality products and superior service in the feature.


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