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02 Apr, 2024 90 Views Author: Cherry Shen

Withstand Voltage Test (Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test): Principles, Purposes, and Applications

The principle of withstand voltage test:

Withstand voltage test, also is called dielectric voltage withstand test, is a testing method for measuring the conducting performance of a device and its resistance to high voltage charge damage, mainly used for detecting electrical safety. It can be used for both regular circuit products and prototype for new development, providing guarantee for further safe usage. Withstand voltage test uses high voltage pulses to test the insulation performance of the tested system to see whether short circuits or overloads will occur. The settings of test conditions will directly influence the accuracy and reliability of the test results. Therefore, prior to testing, parameters should be studied and calculated carefully to ensure test accuracy.

What is hipot testing used for?

Hipot testing is a non-destructive test used to check the insulation capability of tested products under instantaneous high voltage environment. This test requires keeping a certain degree of high voltage in fixed time in order to ensure the strong and effective insulation performance of tested equipment. Besides, withstand voltage test can also detect some defects in the manufacture process of the instrument, such as deficient creepage distance and electric clearance, etc. Withstand voltage test is an important test which can quickly and accurately determine the capability of tested equipment against instantaneous high voltage in order to ensure the security and reliability of the tested equipment.

With the development of science and technology, the new type withstand voltage testers have enough of source voltage and load regulation rate, so the withstand voltage testers with capacity of 500VA have been eliminated from the new safety standards. In addition, this has brought threats to the operators’ operations, under different test requirements and large quantities of test processes, the withstand voltage testing equipment requires stronger performance, and the testers based on transformer and voltage regulator are no longer applicable.

Now, the new type withstand voltage testers can be divided into two types: one is composed of single-chip computer as the core, digital control waveforms combined with linear power amplifier; the other type is composed of single-chip computer core and SPWM (sinusoidal pulse width modulator) pulse generator , combined with IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) pulse power amplifier, making it have stronger test capabilities. Not only it meets the requirements of different standards and large quantities of test processes, but it can also detect potential problems of the tested articles’ insulation performance such as arc, creepage and flash-over better. Thus, the new generation of withstand voltage testers are rapidly popularizing, continuously improving the safety performance of electronic equipment.

WB2671B AC/DC Withstand Voltage Test

WB2671B AC/DC Withstand Voltage Test

The withstand voltage test equipment has a complex structure, and its reliability and anti-interference ability depend on the design and quality of the electronic components. It has small distortional waveform, variable output frequency (50/60Hz), wide output voltage adjustment range and high control accuracy, can produce stable output voltage within the power range, not affected by load change, and can reach 500W output power. Besides, this instrument can also achieve automatic protection, and it can still operate safely even if there is no voltage output, which can help detect potential problems of the tested articles’ insulation performance such as arc, creepage and flash-over.

In addition, withstand voltage tester can achieve various standard requirements through the software, such as step up voltage, timed up voltage, constant speed up voltage, etc., and can also conduct breakdown point analysis, with breakdown protection and high display resolution leakage current display, which is particularly suitable for testing electrical appliances or components with high standards. Moreover, it is stable when working, can be networked with computers, thus realizing test statistical and sorting work, and can continuously test the tested articles.

The withstand voltage testing equipment is an important electronic testing equipment, which is mainly composed of AC (DC) high voltage power supply, timer controller, test circuit, display circuit and alarm circuit, etc. The working principle of this equipment is to measure the leakage current of the tested instrument by outputting the high voltage test, and to compare it with the preset judgment current. If the detected leakage current is lower than the predetermined value, the instrument is tested OK; while if the detected leakage current is greater than the preset judgment current, the test voltage will be cut off instantaneously, accompanied by sound and light alarm, and finally to determine the withstand voltage strength of the tested instrument. The technical specifications of this equipment mainly include output voltage and preset cut-off current, while the analog indicator type withstand voltage tester is generally characterized by its voltage magnitude in the form of allowable error.


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