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Electrodynamic Vibration Generator System

Product No: LVD-100KG

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  • LVD-100KG/LVD-100KG-6D Electrodynamic Vibration Generator Test Table  is according to IEC 60068, IEC68-2-6, JJG189-97, GB/T13309-91, GB2423 and other relevant standards.

    • LVD-100KG: Combined the Vertical and Longitudinal total 4 directions in one test table.
    • LVD-100KG-6D: Combined the Vertical, Level and Longitudinal total 6 directions in one test table.

    Sine Wave, Frequency Modulation, Sweep Frequency, Programmable, Frequency Doubling, Logarithm, High Acceleration speed, Amplitude Modulation, Time Control, Full-function Computer Control, simple and easy to set the acceleration and amplitude.

    • Vibration table size: 500*500mm (Other size can be designed)
    • Vibration: 0~5mm (Adjustable range P-P). Vibration waveform: sine wave (half wave and full wave). Acceleration speed: 0~20g (Adjustable)
    • Maximum test load capacity: 100kg
    • Accuracy: Frequency can be displayed to 0.01 Hz. Precision: 0.1 Hz.
    • Sweep frequency function (1~600Hz): (Upper frequency, Lower frequency, Time range) It can set real standard arbitrarily to sweep frequency back and forth
    • Programmable Function (1~600Hz): It can set 15 segments in one test with different parameters (frequency/amplitude/time/acceleration), and it can be recycled
    • Frequency doubling function (1~600Hz): 15 segments multiplied-increase:
    1)Low to high frequency
    2)High to low frequency
    3)Low to high and then to low frequency, it can be recycled
    • Logarithmic function (1~600Hz), 3 modes of logarithm/can be recycled:
    1)Lower to upper frequency
    2)Upper to lower frequency
    3)Lower to upper and then to lower frequency
    • Measuring instrument: To display amplitude, acceleration speed and the maximum acceleration speed

    Why do we measure vibration?
    Vibration test is to simulate the various vibration environment impacts encountered by the product in the transportation, installation. This test is to simulate the various impacts encountered by the product in the transportation, installation and use environment. This kind of vibration environmental impact is used to determine whether the product can withstand various environmental vibrations.

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    Lee Yanan

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  • IEC60068-2-6 Standard Free Download GB/T-13309 2007 Standard Free Download JJG189 1997 Standard Free Download